Day 3! Watkins Glen Falls, Watkins Glen, New York

Today, Natalie arrived from Pennsylvania.  For those who know me (Sandra) well, know that I’m a huge Twilight fan and Nat along with Dot are my two Twilight buddies.

The Guys 2We all took a trip to Watkins Glen Falls to hike the gorge trail and see the 19 different waterfalls. Before arriving at the falls we stopped here at Montour Falls which is a 150′ waterfall named after Queen Catharine of the Senecas.

Montour Falls

Water has shaped the natural landscape of Watkins Glen.  During the past million years, water and glaciers have covered New York State several times transforming the land in its path.  The water we saw flowing today will take 25 years to reach the Atlantic Ocean.

Watkin's Glen 3aWatkin's Glen 2a

3 thoughts on “Day 3! Watkins Glen Falls, Watkins Glen, New York

  1. All very nice I’m sure but isn’t there a top motor racing circuit at Watkin’s Glen? Looking forward to seeing those pics too! Smelling those petrol fumes already. BTW the waterfalls look fabulous!


  2. Looking forward to seeing the pictures of all of the waterfalls.
    We loved seeing Niagara Falls in daylight and evening.


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