Day 6! Canandaigua, New York

Phew it’s hot today!

Started the day in Bath at Dot’s summer villa where among other creatures, squirrels rule the day!!

Look, no hands!

Sonnenberg Mansion









Today’s place of interest was Sonnenberg (German for ‘Sunny Hill’) Gardens and Mansion, the home of Frederick and Mary Thompson. Mr Thompson was a founder and life-long director of the bank that is now called Citibank. Frederick and Mary had no children so when both had died in 1923, Mary left the estate to her nephew, Emory Clark, who in 1931 sold it to the US Government and in 2005 it became the fifth state historic park in New York State.

One interesting point is that when Mary died in 1923, each of her staff received $1000 for each year they worked for her plus one piece of furniture each. A lot of money back then!

Sandra and Dot at the Japanese garden







Tomorrow we leave Dot and John’s to travel to Virginia.

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  1. I’ve lived here most of my life and some of this beautiful scenery I’m seeing for the first time. It takes the Brits coming here to show me around. And Si, that squirrel is still being a pest!!!

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