Day 20! Fort Worth

FW BG Rose Garden 1aWe’ve spent a very serene day  visiting Fort Worth’s Botanic Garden.  It’s the oldest botanic garden in the state of Texas and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It was created during the Great Depression which began in 1929 and fulfilled the dream of an “outdoor library of plants.”

This statue is called “Spirit of Woman” and depicts the frontier woman at dusk waving her family home FW BG Woman Statue 1aafter a long hard day in the field when all the work was done and represents a collection of individuals who heartily embraced the ethic of equal work on the trails, plains and ranches.

FW BG San 1aWe started our visit in the tropical rain forest before moving to the main gardens. FW BG Gordon 1aWe saw squirrels, geckos, lovely birds and a large magnificent butterfly.  FW BG Butterfly 1aFW BG Butterfly 2aThe flowers were beautiful.

The Japanese Garden was originally the site of an old gravel pit and covers 7.5 acres. It has three gates symbolic of heaven, man and earth.

FW BG Japanese Garden 1aThe ponds in the Japanese Garden are full of Koi (imperial carp), the size of which I’ve never seen before.  Some of the fish are 80 years old. We also came across a Heron (known as the Gobbler) who apparently helps keep the fish population down by eating the baby fish!! FW BG Gobbler 2aFW BG Gobbler 1a

FW BG Brit 2a

One funny thing we saw as we entered the gardens was the parking sign! How kind of them to make a parking space especially for us Brits!!

We then took time to visit the Stockyards Museum that has displays of cowboy, cattlemen and Native American memorabilia dating back to the early days of the Stockyards. It has an electric light bulb first turned on in 1908 at the Byers Opera House in Forth worth and  is still burning today!  It’s in the Guinness Book of Records of course.

So tomorrow it’s ‘farewell’ Fort Worth and ‘hello’ Sante Fe. The drive will take us about nine hours so don’t be surprised if there’s a blank page for Day 21!!

9 thoughts on “Day 20! Fort Worth

  1. Wow, the Japanese garden’s are beautiful!!! Wonderful pictures, Si! My favorite is the one with Sandra behind the fountain 🙂 Enjoy your long drive to Santa Fe, hopefully it’s uneventful, but interesting! xx

  2. Nope Si, I lied. NOW you’ve out done yourself. My favorite is the second photo of the butterfly on the flower, or maybe the gecko. And I bet the drive to Santa Fe will be fantastic!

    • He’s hoping to have a good result at the camera club with that butterfly!! The drive took us 10 hours in the end!!

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