Day 33! Panguitch to Las Vegas

The Las Vegas strip at night from our hotel window

The Las Vegas strip at night from our hotel window

The Las Vegas strip during the day from our hotel window

Me with the ‘big win’.

Well it’s official, we are all arched, canyoned and hiked out so have  come to Las Vegas for a rest!! I know, ‘a rest’ you say! Yes, for the next three days we will lounge around the pool, weather permitting, yesterday we had temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees and today in Las Vegas it’s currently about 100 degrees and we are told that last week it reached 112 degrees, so quite warm! After sunning ourselves we will eat good food, drink good wine and do a little gambling.  Speaking of which, tonight we had dinner and then had a quick look around the casino because we’ve had quite an exhausting day and are a little weary and gambled $20 (£13 ) on a Monopoly machine and won …………… $440 (£300).  So, all in all a good start to our little ‘break’.

On the drive from Panguitch this morning we saw three interesting things but alas, did not have the camera handy so couldn’t take photos.  First, was a red and white lighthouse in the middle of the desert, second was a sign on the interstate saying ’80 mph’ …. how many of those do you see in the UK and thirdly was a large roundabout, how many of those do you see in the US ….. answer, not many.

It was our intention to stop off at Zion National Park this morning but the crowds were so bad we decided to give it a miss.  We have been to Zion so it was no big deal.  We did see this tepee on the way out though. Bookings being taken now!!

We passed briefly through Arizona today on our way to Nevada

13 thoughts on “Day 33! Panguitch to Las Vegas

  1. Congrats on your big win Sandra. I hope you can double it! Either view of Vegas is awesome, though the night view really is spectacular with the lights shining on the fountains and buildings! Uh, I’ll take the 112 degrees for lounging around the pool! Enjoy…I am sooo envious of you guys!

  2. That’s great on a big win like that!!! I have to say, there better be a shoe purchase in the near future. Maybe they will ship it to your home for FREE!! 🙂 The view from your hotel is spectacular! Looks like a post card shot! My goodness….100 degrees! Whew….that’s hot hot and more hot! You might get to relax by the pool for a short time, but what’s nice in Vegas is you can walk down the street and feel the air conditioning coming from the casinos!! Relax and enjoy!!!

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