Day 44! Klamath Falls to Portland (via Crater Lake … again!)

Well ‘what a difference a day makes’ ……. we awoke this morning to bright sunshine, blue skies and it was warm enough to get the shorts back on!!!

Crater Lake

Crater Lake

Simon and Sandra at Crater Lake

Sandra at Crater Lake

Chipmunk at Crater Lake

Rogue River near Crater Lake

Rogue River near Crater Lake

The US Army on manoeuvres

Portland Traffic!

As we would be passing Crater Lake again on our way to Portland we decided we should do a little detour to see if Si could take more Lake shots. This is the actual colour of the water, the photo has not been altered at all.

Well, the weather at the Lake was beautiful, such a change from yesterday, although at 8,000 feet the wind was a little chilly.  So, Si got his shots and then we headed off for Portland.  It all turned into an eight hour drive and when we got to Portland it was rush hour, so you can imagine what the traffic was like and to add to that there was a car breakdown and road works!!

We came to the conclusion that the whole of the US Army was on the move today as we passed lots and lots of army trucks on the way out of Crater Lake.

We couldn’t complain about the drive today as about six hours of it was through forests and forests of pine trees.  There’s no shortage of wood in the US that’s for sure.

This is going to be short and sweet today as we are very tired and need to get our beauty sleep!!

More from Portland tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Day 44! Klamath Falls to Portland (via Crater Lake … again!)

  1. Wow! It all worked out. What a difference seeing the lake in the sunshine! Wonderful shots Si! And of course a great photo of you both…and that little Chippy!! Welcome to Portland! I can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂

  2. Hi Simon & Sandra,
    Great to read that you guys are moving on northwards, even if some of that Yosemite weather seems to have followed you. You wanted to know about the Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas, well here goes……

    It really is an island of tranquility, peace and service. Not having a casino may not suit your requirements, but it has been just perfect for us. No queues to check in, no smokey lobbies, no drunken groups of young men and no noise, even the air conditioning is barely audible. The bar on the 23rd floor has great views of the strip and the pools, up on the 8th floor are peaceful. The staff poolside bring glasses of iced water and fruit crush tasters every 15 minutes.

    Having visited all the headliner hotels, this was definately the right notice for us!

    As requested I took loads of photos of the room, but not being sufficiently IT literate you will need to talk me through how to send them on to you!

    Good luck with the rest of your trip, we will be blog watching!
    Best wishes
    Catherine & Mark

    PS Mark had his first $1 go on the one armed bandit and won $6, we took our winnings and headed for the hills!

    • Hi Catherine and Mark, so pleased to hear that you enjoyed the Mandarin Oriental, we will certainly be checking that out the next time we visit. Pleased to hear that Mark had a ‘big’ win!! Ha, ha, ha.

      Regarding the photos, we’ll send you Simon’s email address as you can’t actually add photos to our blog. Would you mind sending some as an attachment. Many thanks. I guess you must be home by now, happy to see your dog.

      Best wishes S&S.

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