Day 45! (Part 2) Twilight 1(The Movie Tour) (For the fans reading the Blog)

So today we visit some of the sites where they filmed Twilight.

Carver Cafe

This is where Bella sat with Charlie

Where Stephenie Meyer sat

Twilight dolls at the Carver Cafe

Poster saying that the Carver Cafe was part of Twilight

Edward stands in the sunshine here and reveals to Bella how he ‘sparkles’

Edward tells Bella he’s a ‘killer’

Edward tells Bella she’ believes the lie’

Edward rips a tree out of the ground and climbs the tree on the left to tell Bella she’s ‘his brand of heroin’

Edward says ‘so the Lion fell in love with the Lamb’

We started off at the Carver Cafe.  In Twilight, this is where Bella meets her Dad, Charlie for dinner and where she meets ‘butt crack Santa’. Mike and some of her other school friends are outside playing with a football and Stephenie Meyer is sat at the counter of the Cafe.  She has her laptop with her and at the time was actually writing the second book in the series, New Moon.

After that we visited the Stone Cliff Inn. This is where Edward shows Bella how he ‘sparkles’ and where he says those famous words “so the Lion fell in love with the Lamb.”

13 thoughts on “Day 45! (Part 2) Twilight 1(The Movie Tour) (For the fans reading the Blog)

  1. Omg! Auntie this is amazing! The last picture is like my favourite part of the twilight film! So jealous.. Looks like a future destination for Amy!

  2. Well, Karen and Amy have pretty much summed up my feelings too LOL! That is so cool that the areas are marked where the scenes took place. Again, my compliments to the photographer!!

  3. These are so exciting to see! You got to see where all our favorite scenes were filmed! I cannot wait to see all the things you get to see in Forks, tomorrow! I love all the scenes in the woods, I can’t believe they have it all marked for visitors and of course the Fans!!! I am so happy right now I’m getting teary eyed for you! Wish Dot and I were there with you right now! Xx

    • I was quite emotional stood outside the Swan house in St. Helens Nat. I couldn’t quite believe that I was there. xx

      • I got teary eyed too Nat. I bet it will be hard for you to leave there! I just noticed my previous post says “anonymous.”

    • Thanks Desiree. Yes, it’s certainly been a few very exciting days for me. I think the best so far was standing in front of the Swan house in St. Helens. Knowing that it was used inside and out for the filming was very special.

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