Day 46! (Part 2) Twilight 2 (The Movie Tour)

Before I start day two of our Twilight adventure, I need to add something to Twilight 1.

I forgot to mention that the Carver Cafe was used in another scene in Twilight and that’s where Bella and Edward are in her truck after she’s left home because James is chasing her and they drive past the Cafe as Mike, Jessica and some of the others are coming out of the Cafe.

Multnomah Falls

Charlie’s Police Station

Drawing cash at the ‘police station’

The bridge that Bella and Charlie drive over when she first arrives in Forks

The crossing with the wooden bears (no longer there!) and the logging truck when Bella first arrives in Forks

The Black Bear Grill

This is where Bella and her friends parked in the van at La Push

Where Bella and Jacob walk on the beach and he tells here about ‘the cold ones’

I also forgot to include a photo of Multnomah Falls in the post. You see the Falls when Edward and Bella are walking to the field to play baseball.

So, day two of our Twilight adventure!

After our visit with Cindy Mc. we headed to Vernonia, the little town that was the stand-in for Forks in Twilight.

We started with a visit to Charlie’s Police Station ……….. well it’s actually a bank, so I took the opportunity to draw some cash while we were there. This is where Edward and Bella stop after he rescues her in Port Angeles and they are told Weyland had been killed. I can’t tell you how exciting it was to be stood there.

I spoke to an American lady while I was drawing cash and she asked what we were doing in such a small town and so far from home.  I explained that I was a huge Twilight fan and she understood immediately.  She’s seen all the films too.

Towards the beginning of Twilight you see Bella and Charlie in his Police car as they enter Forks, the drive over a bridge and then come to a cross roads and you see big wooden bears stood on the corner of one street and a huge logging track passes over another street.  Well this is where that scene was shot.

Bella also drives over the bridge again on her way to school after she leaves the house and slips on her bottom and Charlies has had new tyres fitted for her.

We had lunch in a small place called The Black Bear Grill and on the wall was a picture of Kristen stood outside the Grill.  Apparently she went in and had a drink there during filming.

After Vernonia we moved on to Indian Beach.  Indian Beach was the stand-in for La Push in Twilight. This is where Bella goes to with her school chums on a cold wet day so that they can surf and she meets Jacob and two of his friends there.  Bella and Jacob walk on the beach and he tells her about ‘the cold ones’.

Tomorrow on our way to Forks we will be stopping at Saint Helens were a lot of other scenes were shot …. so watch this space!!

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  1. Look at that blue sky above Indian Beach. It sure didn’t look like that in the movie. The Cullens would definitely be sparkling this day!

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