Day 46! The Oregon Coast

Well today has been a fun-filled long day!

We started the day with a wonderful visit to one of Si’s Flickr friends, Cindy Mc. We hadn’t met before but it was just like Dot and I all over again (as though we’d always known each other) and Cindy gave Si some great tips for future use.

We then moved on to Vernonia!! This little town was the stand-in for the town of Forks in the Twilight film. I’ll post about our visit there in an additional post, Twilight 2.

Si paddling on Cannon Beach

Lifeguards in action!


Rescuers and rescued!

Sandra and Police Officer, Josh

Sandra and Si at Ecola State Park overlooking Cannon Beach

Si with his ribs!

There are no words!!

Indian Beach

Indian Beach

Indian Beach

After lunch in Vernonia we moved on to Cannon Beach on the Oregon coast. Words cannot sum up what a marvelous place that is. The beach is spectacular, all sand that stretches for miles, the water is crystal clear and good for surfing, the sky was blue and we paddled in the Pacific ocean which to our amazement wasn’t as cold as we thought it would be.

The town of Cannon Beach is a holiday hotspot full of shops, restaurants, places to stay and things to do. Being a Saturday today, it was packed.

Whilst we were there, two Lifeguards had to rescue three young people who had gone too far out over the crashing waves and were in distress.  It was a sight to behold. We then got talking to Police Officer Josh who told us he was in the UK last year and got married in Perth!! He has Scottish ancestors and just loves the UK.

After visiting Cannon Beach we moved to another one just along the coast called Indian Beach. Again, this is where they filmed scenes from Twilight so I will include details of that in the other post but I’ve added some of the other photos here too.

Today we had to travel back through Portland again but surprise, surprise, there were no traffic jams!! Someone must be listening to us at last.

Tomorrow will be another ‘extra’ exciting day for me because we leave Portland and move to the little town of ‘all things Twilight’ …………. Forks!!

PS: Before I forget ……… just in case you think Si’s given up his ribs, here are two pics of him with his dinner this evening!!

8 thoughts on “Day 46! The Oregon Coast

  1. Yes, the beach was fantastic. No, not herb chips, they are called tatter tots! It’s a small fried nugget of potato and he said the ribs were okay, but not as good as the beef ribs!!

  2. Some very nice shots, you Guys… You know why the traffic was better in Portland, They were all at the beach… LOL !!! I was so glad you had a great day at the beach and loved having you visit in my home… You know if you are ever by this way again that you are most welcome to stop in…

    • Thanks Cindy. You can be sure that the next time we are in your area, you will be the first person we visit.

  3. The photos of the beach are gorgeous. Did either of you stick your toe in? I was wondering how warm/cold the water was. I’m glad to hear you didn’t have to witness any tragedy there! Si looks like the cat who ate the canary…er, I mean ribs!

    • No, we didn’t paddle this time Dot. I guess the temperature would have been the same as at Cannon Beach because that’s only five minutes down the road. It was cool when you first put your toesies in but then it warmed up.

  4. I’m so far behind on your posts! These photos are fabulous, scary about the people having to be rescued! That’s nice you are making friends with the police! 🙂 love the pics of Si eating ribs, is he going for ribs from eat state you visit?

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