Day 48! (Part 2) Forks and La Push (Twilight 4) (The Book Tour)

"The Cullen House'

“The Cullen House’

Sandra at ‘The Cullen House’

The Cullen mail box

Carlisle’s Medical License

Carlisle’s office

The graduation cap board

At the Chamber of Commerce

Do I look like Bella?

Bella and Charlie’s house in Forks

Carlisle’s parking space at the local hospital where he works

The original Forks High School has been rebuilt but they still have the sign we all know from the films

Charlie’s Police Station in Forks

Forks’ Outfitters where Bella works after school

This house on the way to La Push has become Jacob’s Vacation Rental complete with his motorbike!

The treaty line between Forks and La Push!

The Vampire Threat Indicator at the Treaty Line at La Push!

First Beach at La Push

Us on First Beach at La Push

Sandra, Mel and Shawna

So first of all, here are some photos of The Miller Tree Inn B&B. The B&B is also known as ‘The Cullen House’ because it closely resembles the house in the first book, Twilight. It is full of Twilight memorabilia and is one of the first places people come to see when they visit Forks.

Most of you will know that none of the films were actually filmed here in Forks, La Push or Port Angeles, other locations were found for that as detailed in my earlier Twilight posts. These photos show things as described in the Twilight Saga books.

We paid a visit to the Forks Chamber of Commerce this morning where they have all the Twilight information and they were telling us how tourism in Forks used to be about 4,000 people a year until Twilight was published and figures started to rocket. Their best year was in 2010 when 73,000 people visited!!

As may be expected numbers have dropped off a little now that the series is finished but we are meeting lots of people just here for all things Twilight.  Having said that, we were talking to a lady at breakfast this morning who was just staying here because she was visiting the area for things other than Twilight and she told me that she had never heard of Twilight and didn’t know anything about it. As you can imagine, I soon filled her in about all things Twilight!!

We also recently met another lady at Yosemite who had stayed here and she told us that she had stayed in a room called ‘Edward’s’ but she had no idea what that meant and again, knew nothing about Twilight!! So, there are still those out there who have yet to discover the greatest love story ever told (well, in my opinion anyway!)

A lot of you will know about my friendship with Dot and Nat, my fellow Twilight buddies. Well, the three of us also have two other friends who we also met through the Twilight Saga and that is Mel and her daughter, Shawna.  Mel used to live in Pennsylvania but having taken a holiday here in Forks and loving it so much, moved her family here. So, last night we met up again for the first time in 18 months. Twilight has been instrumental in so may friendships being formed all around the world and there are so many people who are so thankful for what Twilight has brought them.

10 thoughts on “Day 48! (Part 2) Forks and La Push (Twilight 4) (The Book Tour)

  1. I have been following your adventures BUT missed the form to fill in to get them sent direct to my email. Found it now! Thick or what? 47 Days into the tour! Anyway what a trip just fantastic. Go safe.
    Malcolm from the YCC.

  2. I love all this Sandra, I am going to have to go back and read it all. Of course I skipped right to our reunion because that was one of the most important parts for me. I love being part of your big adventure. Love you both, Mel

  3. Yay!! This is so exciting! Hello Mel!! Xx. I love seeing the ‘movie’ portion of the tour and now the ‘book’ portion! The debri on the beach is amazing! I can’t believe there are still people who have no idea what Twilight is! I feel for them, I do! Ha

  4. Hey Mel! How wonderful to see you with Sandra again! Ahhh the memories!! LOL I love the Vampire Threat Indicator! Sadly, it must be at zero now.

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