Day 56! Whitefish to Yellowstone National Park

Well, it’s a case of Sandra and Simon and their own Little House on the Priarie!!

Kintla Lodge

Swan Lake

Is this an Antelope?

Our own ‘Little House on the Prairie!

Wild flowers on the mountain

We left the ski-lodge behind us this morning and travelled up to Gardiner just outside of Yellowstone National Park in lovely hot sunshine. The scenery was beautiful along the way, lovely lakes, rivers and mountains. We saw a lake called Swan Lake and saw this antelope(?) who was rather surprised to see us. We arrived here and the temperature was 92 degrees so lovely and hot.

I think I told you that our next ‘port of call’ would be at a guest ranch 8000 feet up a mountain. I can confirm that the tarmac runs out about eight miles before the Lodge so it made for an interesting drive and to give you an idea of the bumpiness of the road, that eight miles takes about thirty minutes to complete. It is very steep and has innumerable hairpin bends. However, when we arrived we were very warmly welcomed by the owner, Cheryl, her dog George, two cats and the chickens.

It is really a beautiful wilderness atop a mountain. Our resident photographer was very impressed with the magnificent views (photos to follow) and the abundance of wild flowers.

You will see from the photos that our cabin is just like the Little House on the Prairie and besides the fact that it has electricity, indoor plumbing and running water, I guess it probably is just like the Little House but much, much more comfortable!!

Everyone staying here all sit down together in the Lodge for breakfast and dinner. When we arrived there was already a Brit family here! What are the chances that another family from the homeland could find this remote spot too!

Tomorrow we start our adventure in Yellowstone National Park.

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