Day 60! Leaving Yellowstone for Cody, Wyoming

Saying goodbye! Cheryl on the left and Brogans in the middle!

Saying goodbye! Cheryl on the left and Brogans in the middle!

Goodbye to our cabin

Buffalo’s Rear!!

Spot the coyote!

Coyote on the hunt!

Beartooth Mountain

The long and winding road that we travelled along

Another Yellowstone view

A view along the way

Wyoming panorama

The Shoshone National Forest sign or as I like to call it The Shoeshine National Forest!!

Storm clouds over Wyoming

Me outside the Buffalo Bill Historic Centre

Buffalo Bill’s boyhood home

A ‘little friend’ outside BB’s home!

So today we said ‘goodbye’ to Cheryl, her dog George and the Brogan family and we came down from the mountain and our Little House on the Prairie for the last time to travel to Cody, Wyoming. Luckily, ‘Margaret’ our sat-nav (GPS) took us the pretty route out of Yellowstone through the Beartooth Pass on the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway via Cooke City. The highest elevation at the Pass being 10,947 feet or 3,345 metres. The road to say the least was very winding and at times breathtaking  and we were once again treated to some of the most magnificent scenery on Earth!

Yet again we were treated to huge herds of buffalo and even found ourselves in the situation of having to wait to cross a bridge because a buffalo had decided he was going first. Poor thing was quite grumpy, he was having a really bad time with all the flies! Still, it gave us time to really study his rear-end. Mine doesn’t seem half as big after staring at his for 10 minutes!!

Then, we noticed a traffic jam ahead and wondered what it could be and coming out of the tall grass to cross the road was a coyote!! He was very thin and his coat very mangey and I certainly wouldn’t want to feel the sharpness of his teeth.

We passed through the Shoshone National Forest (or as I initially called it, The Shoeshine National Forest), while storm clouds had started to gather over our destination at Cody. Still, we didn’t see any rain at all.

We stopped at the Buffalo Bill Historic Centre before checking into our hotal in Cody. It turned out to be a much larger and more magnificent museum than we had expected by far and we really should have had a full day visiting there.  We would certainly recommend anyone visiting Cody to visit the museum. The strangest sign we saw was one on the door that said “No Firearms”. Not a sign we see everyday back home!!

The museum showed every aspect of William F. Cody’s (aka Buffalo Bill) life and times from a small child to his time with his Wild West Show which he toured the UK with and once, performed in front of Queen Victoria. He was instrumental in the building of the town of Cody but his show never performed there.

4 thoughts on “Day 60! Leaving Yellowstone for Cody, Wyoming

  1. Wow, those clouds are amazing, i know they aren’t as beautiful as seeing clear skies, but to see the rain clouds, but the rain never touching down to your level is amazing! That shot of the long winding road is pretty awesome as well! love it all!!

  2. LOL Sandra at your comment! I think those buffalo are haunting you after you ate one of them! Ohh, the poor coyote. I think it’s strange that he’s out and about during the day. I’m glad you were in the car and not on foot! Those clouds sure do look fierce.

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