Day 5! Provincetown

The day started cloudy and cool, turned sunny and hot and now it’s cloudy and cool again!! Very strange!! Good job we threw those jeans in the cases at the last moment!

We drove to Provincetown (P-town) this morning, it’s a small coastal resort town located right on the tip of Cape Cod. It’s a quaint little town with narrow streets and is known for its beaches, harbour, artists and tourist industry. It has loads of tourist shops and restaurants, has a huge Portuguese population and is known as a vacation destination for the LGBT community.

The year-round population is just under 3,000 with a summer population of as high as 60,000! Being a weekend it was packed, lucky we arrived early to secure a parking spot.

A gentleman called Bartholomew Gosnold  named Cape Cod in Provincetown Harbor in 1602. In 1620, the Pilgrims signed the Mayflower Compact when they arrived at the harbor. They agreed to settle and build a self-governing community, and came ashore in the West End.

Though the Pilgrims chose to settle across the bay in Plymouth, the outermost portion of Cape Cod enjoyed an early reputation for its valuable fishing grounds. The harbor was considered the best along the coast.  In 1654, the Governor of the Plymouth colony purchased this land from the Chief of the Nausets, for a selling price of two brass kettles, six coats, 12 hoes, 12 axes, 12 knives and a box!! If only land was as cheap to buy today!!

Provincetown House

Provincetown House with both U.S. and Portuguese flags

Provincetown House

Provincetown House















This guy’s a little cheeky!



Provincetown Beach

Provincetown Beach

Provincetown Kayaks

Provincetown Kayaks

Seamans Bank!

Seamans Bank!

















Seamans Bank!! There’s not a lot to be said about this bank!! We decided not to stop to make a deposit or a withdrawal!!!!!

Sand in Provincetown

Sand in Provincetown Harbour

2 thoughts on “Day 5! Provincetown

  1. Ugh! this cooler weather isn’t making it that great for your stay! BUT i’m happy to see you both enjoying your time!! I think you’ll love Maine the best! Its gorgeous this time of year!! xx


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