Day 12 – Corolla to Cary, North Carolina

After breakfast this morning, which included some lively conversation with two other couples at the Corolla Inn, one of which was an English couple who now live in the US, we set out for Cary. It was an easy four-hour drive with the sun shining all the way. It’s been a very hot day here in Cary, up in the 90s.

We are now residing at The Mayton Inn and what another great find this is! This is our home until Sunday. I think we’ll be very comfortable here!

Mayton 1

The reason we have come to Cary is to meet up with sisters, Denise and Desiree.

Some of you will know that Si’s a member of Flickr (the photography site) and way back in May 2012 one of Si’s friends on Flickr, Denise, won the landscape picture of the year in the Sony World Photographer of the Year Competition (sorry Denise if I haven’t got that 100% correct!) and together with her sister Desiree, they were both coming to London so that Denise could collect her prize and her photograph was to be shown in an exhibition at the same time so Si and I took the opportunity to go to London to meet them both in person.

We met them both again last year when we were visiting Charleston and they drove down to see us and this year we have come to their ‘neck of the woods’ to meet up again.

After a very pleasant afternoon of drinks and nibbles, we decided to go to dinner at the Academy Street Bistro. We had a lovely time chatting, laughing and generally catching up. We were enjoying ourselves so much that once again, I forgot to take the usual food pictures!! But we did manage a few anyway.




Here are a few pictures that we took on our drive today.


Thought the lighthouse was rather fetching and I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of a Red Wolf. It’s been a long time since we saw a Piggly Wiggly so thought they deserved a mention.

Note to our dear friend Dot …………………. saw this on the way into Corolla, thought of you and made a mental note to photograph it as we left today. So, there I am camera poised for the moment and what happens? I look away for a second and before we know it the sign’s passed us by! Well, only one thing to do, a u-turn and that’s just what we did.

Dots 1


We have a full day planned with Denise and Desiree tomorrow so hope you’ll come back to share in our day.


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  1. Amazing bridge! And that’s definitely our sort of hotel. Just love twin sinks. Funny Mary has just said in reply to my comment,”Looks warm, Si’s in short sleeves.” She said, “Yes that’s how we started out!” We both ended up in pullovers and overcoats.

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