Day 1 (Part 1) We have lift off …….. well almost! Heathrow to Las Vegas

Our day did not have the best of starts when our car didn’t arrive to bring us to Heathrow! Many apologies later a car arrived and whisked us here with no problems. It turned out that our driver lives just down the road from us and he too has lived in the area for as long as we have and he passes our house when he walks his dog but we had never seen each other!! Small world!

The next thing was when we passed through security and Si forgot he had his phone in his back pocket!! 😱 Needless to say the alarm went off and he was treated to a full body scan, had to remove most of his clothing, had a portable scanner run all over him and was eventually let through. Meanwhile, Mrs B is struggling to gather everything off the conveyer belt wishing she had four arms instead of two as she dropped all of Si’s loose change on the floor amidst everyone else trying to retrieve their belongings at the same time! 🥵

I’m pleased to say that everything else has been plain sailing. I’ve purchased my perfume (very opportune that we are here today as I run out of my favourite this morning), purchased a few other items including sweeties and cheese biscuits (we just can’t fly without our Chedders) and we are now ensconced in the lounge with a gin and tonic, lager and some rather tasty pasta.

For those who always enjoy seeing what Si’s eating, here’s the first meal of the holiday!

More once we’re across ‘the pond’. 😀