Day 4 – Las Vegas and The Hunger Games

We decided against lounging round the pool this morning ………………. us oldies decided we needed a break from the hot sun! It’s 2.00 pm and at the moment the temperature is 101 degrees and is forecast to rise even further before the day’s out! 🌞πŸ₯΅

I apologise in advance that most of today’s blog is only really going to be of interest to fans of The Hunger Games. Maybe now’s the time to pop out and put the kettle on!

After another delicious breakfast at Sadelle’s

Si had a healthy breakfast today!

Sand’s breakfast

we headed over to catch the monorail at Bally’s Hotel that would take us down to the MGM Grand Hotel to take a look at The Hunger Games Exhibition. We decided it was too hot to walk. We were very lucky because today was the first official opening day for the exhibition and for most of the time we were the only people in there.

Entrance to the Hunger Games’ Exhibition



If you are a HG’s fan then it’s a real treat. It’s not a large exhibition but there are a lot of the actual costumes from the films plus actual props including President Snow’s desk and chair, set recreations and hands-on interactive exhibit elements allowing visitors to engage with behind-the-scenes content and explore the technology that brought the films to life. The best part for us, apart from seeing the costumes was taking part in Beetee’s Archery Training. It was fantastic ……………… I’m thinking of taking up archery!

Here’s a sample of some of the costumes …..

Katniss Everdeen’s wedding dress

The Mockingjay dress

The Victory Party costume

The ‘Girl on Fire’ costume

The Tribute Parade costume

Peeta Mellark’s Tribute Parade costume

Tigris shop costume

Effie Trinket’s Victory Parade costume

Sat at President Snow’s desk and in his chair!

Sat on the train to the Capital!

The Capital Train

Katniss’ hunting costume

I haven’t seen a map laid out of Panem before but it was interesting to read where all the Districts are supposedly located. It’s based on a map of the U.S! For example, District 10 is in Texas/New Mexico. How did I never know that!?

A map of Panem

At the end of the exhibition we had our photos taken pretending to fire arrows and there was of course the gift shop! Β I’m now the proud owner of items of THG’s memorabilia. Who would have guessed it!?

Here’s me and Si in action!

On the way back from the exhibition we stopped off at one of the other casinos and this is what greeted us ……….. they must have known a shoe-aholic was about to walk through the door!

Now this is what you call a shoe!

We haven’t decided about dinner tonight so if we go anywhere very exciting I’ll report back tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!

10 thoughts on “Day 4 – Las Vegas and The Hunger Games

  1. Oh my Sandra! I am green with envy!! Just seeing the entrance gave me chills. I never thought about where District 10 was either. Time to do some research: was it ever spoken of in the books about where the districts were located? That photo of you and Si in action is pretty awesome. I want to see you in action if you do take up archery!

  2. I too love the archery action photo, one to print and frame. Never seen the Hunger Games so all new to me πŸ€”.

  3. Oh I love the exhibition!! That’s so cool you got to see all the costumes! My favorite has to be the wedding dress. But the best photo by far is the action archery shot! I have to say you know how to hold a bow! What a fun experience. PLUS being the only ones there! Even better!! So much fun. I hope you decided on a dellcious place to eat!

    • Yes, the wedding dress was lovely. Considering we’ve never done archery before we did really well. I think we’ll frame that photo. We are just watching Catching Fire on the TV and seeing some of the costumes from yesterday.

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