Day 36! Las Vegas

Today was our final rest day in Las Vegas.

We had a lovely day, spending the morning around the pool and then we went and did the one thing that just has to be done on a Vegas holiday and that is to visit the Petrossian Lounge here at the Bellagio Hotel to partake of their cheese plate and to drink cocktails.

The cheese plate consists of about a dozen different cheeses, fig, raisins, slices of apple, apricots and something that kind of tastes like liquorice and to go with the cheese is three types of bread and crackers!!  It is one of the best things ever!! There is also someone playing the grand piano.

We took some photos of us enjoying the cheese plate and cocktails particularly for one of our followers, Steve Blewitt, to enjoy!! They were taken taken on my phone as we didn’t have a camera with us but for some reason I’m currently having trouble getting them onto the laptop so no photos today I’m sorry to say but once we sort out the problem we’ll post them.

This evening we enjoyed Celine Dion’s new show at Caesar’s Palace. She has the most magnificent voice and this time she had a great orchestra with her. Her dresses were beautiful and the light show was amazing.

As there’s no photos today, here’s a video for all the Celine fans following the blog to enjoy!! This video is from her last tour. (I don’t own the rights or anything to the video).

Alas, we will be leaving Vegas tomorrow without winning our fortune but we’ve had a great time.  It’s another long driving day as we head for Yosemite National Park.

6 thoughts on “Day 36! Las Vegas

  1. That’s a great drive from Las Vegas to Yosemite, you’ll love it. Are you going through Death Valley? My favourite photographer of all time is Ancell Adams and of course his photos of Yosemite are world famous. Hope you’re up to it Si!

  2. Too bad you’ll be “Leaving Las Vegas”, but so many wonderful things are yet to come!! Enjoy your drive, I hope it’s not too long! But I’m glad you had a nice rest and are refreshed for your next stop! take care! Nat xx

  3. Well, it sounds like even though you didn’t make your fortune in Vegas, you’re rich with memories and relaxed and ready to begin the next leg of your adventure! I know “what you do in Vegas stays in Vegas,” but come on Sandra and Si, give us a little taste of sin…did any “Ladies of the Evening” approach you Si? I’ve heard about the solicitors standing outside all of the casinos with photo cards of their “employees.” Safe travels!

    • Sadly Dot, there’s no sin to report!! We didn’t see any ‘Ladies of the Evening’ or their bosses (much to Si’s disappointment), probably because we were so tired we were asleep by 9.00 o’clock!! LOL.

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