About Us 2022

So, here we are in 2022 and fingers crossed and Covid permitting, we will be flying off on our long-awaited holiday at the end of May! 👏

Once again, due to very unexpected circumstances, we have had to rethink our plans and instead of visiting the USA and Canada for six weeks we will now be going to the USA for three weeks and Canada will be our destination in 2023.

We will fly into Las Vegas for a few days, enjoying everything the Bellagio Hotel has to offer, including the magnificent, often dreamed of during the past 28 months, cheese plate! I know I will not be disappointed. From there we travel up to Capitol Reef National Park in Utah (this will be our first visit there), staying in a log cabin* and then on to our most favourite place, the Grand Tetons in Wyoming where we will once again be staying at Dornan’s in a log cabin*.

* For followers of our blog, you will remember the log cabin we stayed in during our ‘big trip’ in 2013, 8000 feet up a mountain just outside of Yellowstone National Park!!! Well, this will be nothing like that one, shudder the thought!! 😱

While we are in Jackson, our resident in-house photographer will at last be able to use his new camera and lenses. We will be expecting even more wonderful photographs as Simon will be spending a day with a professional photographer, Steve Mattheis, who lives in Jackson and has his own YouTube channel. https://www.stevemattheis.com.

From there we will travel back, via Salt Lake City, to spend a few days in Las Vegas before flying home.