Day 19! Fort Worth

Note: From today the blog’s date and time will represent where we are in the US when we post rather than UK time.

Rodeo 1aSo we went to the rodeo last night and it was great.  Those guys really take their lives in their hands with the bulls.  There was bull riding, bareback riding, saddle bronc riding, ranch saddle bronc, break-away-roping, tie-down roping, team roping and barrel racing.  Mostly it was men riding but ladies did the barrel racing.  There was also some lasso tricks.  They also did something for the younger Rodeo 3amembers of the audience.  The children went into the arena and they let a calf loose and then a sheep with a ribbon on their necks and the child who got the ribbons won a prize.  Some of the children were as young Rodeo 2aas 4-5 and they had great fun. The animals running around didn’t bother them at all.

This cowboy was very clever with his lasso. He was one of the guys who helped catch the bulls and horses after their riders had fallen off.  He’s also part of the Wild West Show.

Here’s a short video of some of the roping action. 

Today, we started off going to watch the cowboys herding the Texas Longhorns down the street.

Stockyards Cattle Run2a

Ft Worth 3aThis cowboy was one of guys herding the bulls down the main street.

Then we were invited to a gun fight! 





We thought this was John Wayne!! 

Stockyards Hotel and Bikes 1aAfter ‘doing’ the museums we took a stroll down the street and saw there were quite a lot of bikers in town today with their magnificent machines.

And last, but not least, are some pics to finish with today.  One of Si eating yet more ribs, beef this time and us at the end of a tiring day sitting outside our hotel.

Si ribs

Sand Hotel

Si Hotel

8 thoughts on “Day 19! Fort Worth

  1. I love the Rodeo pictures! It’s amazing what they do, Ty would have loved running around after the sheep! I would have been a nervous reck! ha I’m glad you had such a good day in the end, and no tornado threats!!

  2. WOW Si! You’ve out done yourself with the photos…they are awesome! is that John Wayne come back to life LOL? When I lived in Texas, we went to a rodeo in Houston. They certainly are exciting!

    • Yes, I think that was the real John Wayne Dot!! He sounded like him and moved like him too.

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