Day 21! Fort Worth to Santa Fe

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So, I couldn’t let a day go by and not post so regardless of my droopy eyelids here’s today’s entry.

Drive 1aWe left Fort Worth in brilliant sunshine and clear blue skies and that’s how it continued for most our nine-hour journey.  I have to say, I could never have imagined that hundreds of miles could look exactly the same! At first there were large areas of wheat fields that then changed to ……. well mostly nothing!!

When we stopped at a rest area the temperature had reached 99 degrees fahrenheit (37 Rattler Si 1adegrees celsius) and we saw this sign which scared us a little but we didn’t see any so that was a relief!!

Train 1a

We saw two other interesting things today, one was the length of the trains, they went on and on for miles. One of them was carrying cars and small trucks and the other interesting thing was this guy in his van!Hill Billy 1a

New Mexico 1aWe are now settled in Santa Fe at a Ranch Resort and Spa.  The first known Spanish settler on this land was in October 1743. In the 1860’s the land came into the possession of Archbishop Lamy, the first Archbishop of Santa Fe and he built a small lodge and chapel here and over the intervening years it became the resort that stands here today.

Apparently, we may see bears, mountain lions, coyotes, elk, deer, raccoons, skunks and squirrels … so fingers crossed.

PS: One thing we’ve been meaning to tell you about are calf fries!! Now to our US friends you may know this already but it will probably be a ‘first’ for our UK family and friends. Calf fries are fried calves testicles!! (Prairie Oysters/Rocky Mountain Oysters are fried bulls’ testicles). We ordered them thinking they were just ‘fries’ but the waiter then explained what they were.  Needles to say, Si ate all his and I, for the sake of adventure, tried just one.  That was enough for me!!

13 thoughts on “Day 21! Fort Worth to Santa Fe

  1. Sorry Si but eating calves’ testicles is not going to make your hair grow back! Oh how we’ll laugh at the Camera Club tonight! Remember… Pics or it didn’t happen!

    • Oh blimey, we didn’t take a pic of the event! They told me I’d have a full head of hair if I eat a bowl a day for a week. I have seen a slight improvement after just the one bowl so perhaps I should continue. Anyway, Sandra’s got a moustache now!!

    • Hi, no road trains but we saw one lorry dragging four lorry bodies behind him all hitched up together. You men will try just about anything!!

  2. LOL love the hillbilly van! Uh, no Sandra and Si, I’ve never heard of calf fries or Rocky Mountain Oysters. What? No pics of the Si? Thank you! for that!! Oh, those poor calves and bulls…can you just imagine??? I want to say something to Si off color, but I better not since this is a public forum. I’ll save it for July 😉 I hope to see some pics of the wild life…up close and personal!

    • I know Dot, when the guy told us what they were I nearly choked! I have to say the one I tried just tasted like meat in batter. It was very small!! I hope for pics of the wildlife too as long as it’s not up close and personal to a bear and I definitely don’t want to be within 20 feet of a skunk!!

  3. ha ha! that’s hilarious about the Calf Fries…i’ve never heard them called that though,only Rocky Mountain Oysters!! Good for you, trying at least one!! Quite the adventurer! Well I’m sure that won’t be the last time you eat them if you need to take pics…Si finished his plate!! Love the updates 🙂 Glad you made it to Santa Fe in one piece!

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