Day 24! Santa Fe to Page, Arizona

Before I start on today’s blog I need to revisit Santa Fe with some words and pictures!

First of all, Ladies, you know men always know better than women (not!!) well due to my lovely husband’s wonderful navigation skills we passed this Staircase 1atwice on our hike yesterday!! I told him we were going round in a circle but would he listen ……… of course not, he’s a man!!!

Also, here are a few pictures taken from the restaurant balcony at the Lodge. photo-17a



Just to prove that Si does eat something other than ribs!!

Just to prove that Si does eat something other than ribs!!

So today we had a fairly long drive to Page, Arizona but we made it even longer when we decided we should add a further 44 miles to our journey and stop off at Monument Valley the Navajo Tribal Park ( in Navajo it is Tse Bii Ndzigaii, meaning valley of the rocks )and often referred to as the 8th Wonder of the World.  We’ve been to Monument Valley before but as we were so close decided we shouldn’t just drive by.

Drive 1a

We called this the flying chicken!

We called this the flying chicken!

How many faces and fingers can you see?

How many faces and fingers can you see?

Driving from Santa Fe to Page we had to find things to do as we have almost completed the license plate game, so have now began to find pictures in clouds and faces and shapes in rocks (that’s how desperate we’ve become!!). The drive again emphasised how much untapped land the US has.  We went from long, long straight roads that seemed to go on forever and to no-where to a Najavo Forest 7000 feet above sea level and then hit the fantastic red rocks that lead to Monument Valley. Here are some of the views along the way.

Many of you will know Monument Valley from many cowboy films that have been filmed there.  Most famous of course would be the John Wayne films. In 1958 it became a preserved environment by the Navajo Nation Council under the Division of Natural Resources.  It sits at 5,564 feet above sea level, extends into Arizona and Utah and covers about 91,696 acres.  The height of the monuments range form 100 feet to 1,500 feet tall and the dry desert climate receives all four seasons.  The Vally displays a first hand look at one of the most tremendous natural structures created by erosion. The sight of it is breathtaking.

MV Si 1aMV San Si 1aMC San 2a

Left and Right Mitten and yes, that's a car in the bottom of the picture!

Left and Right Mitten and yes, that’s a car in the bottom of the picture!

The two most famous monuments are right and left mitten.  Can you see why?

MC San 1a

6 thoughts on “Day 24! Santa Fe to Page, Arizona

  1. Love the photos! I have never been to Monument Valley but its so amazing to see! I’m sure seeing it in person is even more amazing! Glad you made it to your destination! I think the second half of your journey will have more to see then the ‘untapped land’ you’ve been experiencing! Xx

  2. Monument valley it looks so amazing hope to go one day when I had 10 hour drive to Scotland i played my cd my singing was not bad

    • Yes, hope you can see it in person one day. Your singing was not bad …. I’m sure it was wonderful.

  3. My first thought seeing Monument Valley was SM’s “The Host.” For such a barren land, it is beautiful country! I am so envious of you guys! What a wonderful experience! Thank you for sharing it with us, we are with you in spirit! And I agree, that cloud formation does look like a flying chicken! But Si, keep your eyes on the road, please!

    • You’re welcome Ddot. Yes, I agree about The Host. Luckily, ‘the beast’ more or less drives itself but I’ll make sure he behaves in future!

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