Day 29! Moab

Oh my goodness, we have just returned from one of the best meals we have ever had. Jeffrey’s Steakhouse in Moab … if you are ever here then try it!  Being a gin and tonic drinker I just had to try the French 75, (well I had two actually) and they were the best G&T’s I’ve ever had.  In fact, I’m surprised that this blog is being updated at all today!!

Double Arch 2a

Double Arch

Double Arch 1aDouble Arch 4a

We ‘finished off’ Arches National Park today.  It’s been very hot but not quite as hot as yesterday.  There’s been an odd cloud or two!!

That's brave Si waving - it's a sheet drop the other side!

That’s brave Si waving – it’s a sheer drop the other side!

We continue to be in awe of the arches here and how magnificent they are.  Also, today we were lucky to actually see some wildlife (Muskrat, lizard and a frog) and lovely flowers all over the desert.

Si and I had a ‘discussion’ concerning sheep rock! He thought it looked like a dog but I thought it was a sheep.  It was confirmed later that I was indeed correct because it is officially known as ‘Sheep Rock’.  Women always know best!!

Petroglyphs 1a


We visited the petroglyphs and learned that Utah was named after the Ute Indians who are believed to have left them and were done sometime between 1650 and 1850 A.D. The stylised horse and rider surrounded by bighorn sheep and doglike animals are typical of Ute rock art. Today, this rock art panel is very important to many Native Americans of the region because it was created by their ancestors.

One thing I keep meaning to say is how impressed we are with the toilets in the desert! No matter where in the desert we are there are toilets that are clean and always smell lovely and as there’s no water available to wash hands there is usually a hand sanitizer to use instead.

Just what a girl needs ... a picture of her rear!

Just what a girl needs … a picture of her rear!

Also, we can’t help but be impressed with the organisation of moving so many people and cars around the parks. So far, there hasn’t been any queues and there’s plenty of parking.

Oh well, at least I look thinner in this one!

Oh well, at least I look thinner in this one!

Desert Flower 1a

Desert flower

Muskrat 2a


Muskrat 1aLizard 1aFroggie 1a

Is this a sheep or a dog?

Is this a sheep or a dog?

Last of all, it occurred to me that the folks back home might like to see what I’m on about when I’m talking about the Licence Plate Game!! Well, there’s a pic down below.  You will see that each block shows the State’s name i.e. New York and underneath that it is the capital of that State. You can see that we  have just two States to see on a licence plate and they are Delaware and Hawaii.

It might also be of interest if I tell you where we have visited so far and you will see how far we have crossed the country.

So far we have visited New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, Arizona and Utah.

One of the more stranger things we saw today was a man in a skirt (and he wasn’t even Scottish!) … photo below!!

Sand Dune Arch 1a

Si at Sand Dune arch

PS: I knew I wasn’t on top of things today, I’ve just realised I’ve missed out three photos. One of Si at Sand Dune arch, the second of him emptying sand out of his shoes and a photo of Skyline arch

Skyline arch

Skyline arch


Si emptying the sand from his shoes!

Si emptying the sand from his shoes!

Man in a skirt!

Man in a skirt!

Licence Plate Game 1a

6 thoughts on “Day 29! Moab

  1. Hi French 75 can we get it in UK hope so we will have one or two when you get home very good pictures what did you have to eat in steak bar Si not ribs again

    • Hi, French 75 is what the bar tender called it, she made it up herself. It’s made up of Tanqueray gin, elderflower, champagne, lime, mint and tonic of course!! It was served in a short glass and was quite strong!! So, we should be able to make it up ourselves and enjoy one or two when we get home!! No, Si didn’t have ribs for a change, we both had the most delicious steaks and the lightest, yummy bread pudding to finish with. Si had really crispy skinny fries with balsamic vinegar poured over the top with his steak, they were something else too. All round, it was an excellent experience!!

  2. Thank you for always updating no matter what your “condition”! I love all the photos again 🙂 You did a great job on this post, love that you included the license plate game pic!! I’m sure you’ll find Delaware soon, but Hawaii….maybe once you’re on the West Coast?? Not sure what to say about the man in the skirt…must be cooler in the hot climate…Si should try it!!? xx

    • Thanks Nat. I must say my ‘condition’ is much better this morning. Those two gins were so strong. Someone told us that we should be able to see the Hawaii plate in Las Vegas as there are usually a few!! I’m going to be looking for Si’s skirt today!! Ha, ha, ha. xx

  3. Fantastic photos Si! I’m in awe just looking at them. The photos really put into perspective just how massive the arches are compared to the humans standing/climbing next to them. Sandra, I wouldn’t worry about anyone looking at your butt…how high up are you climbing? You certainly are adventerous! I sure hope you had those G & T’s AFTER the climbing the arches!!!

    • Si says ‘thank you, thank you’. I only had to climb up on that rock Dot and jump down the other side. Yes, the G&T’s were my reward for a hard day ‘at the office’.

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