Day 34! Las Vegas

The blog for the next three days is going to be rather lacking I’m afraid as there’s not a lot of action this end as we are on a total rest period to recoup after the first four weeks of our big adventure.

Today has been rest day number one which included lazing around the pool, fine dining and gambling (no big wins today!) so today’s blog is rather short. We found an Elvis slot machine that’s rather a lot of fun and we had a few wins but when it came to the big wins then Elvis had definitely ‘left the building!’ We did have some photos to post but it seems as though most of them have taken a leaf out of our book and are having a rest day too because for some strange reason we can’t get them to load. Will have that sorted out by tomorrow when we should also have photos of the atrium here at the Bellagio.  Each season the atrium is changed to represent the time of year and they do an excellent job.  Thousands come to the hotel every day just to look at it. They are never disappointed.

We did buy two tickets today to go and see Celine Dion’s new show at Caesar’s Palace on Wednesday evening (Tony, sorry you can’t be here to enjoy the show with us).  We saw her original show here in Vegas a few years back and it was excellent.

Anyway, I’ll say ‘goodnight’ as it’s nearly midnight here and we have another hard day ahead of us tomorrow so we need our beauty sleep and leave you with another look at the sight I’m looking at right now, the fabulous Las Vegas strip.

The Las Vegas strip at night from our hotel window

The Las Vegas strip at night from our hotel window

8 thoughts on “Day 34! Las Vegas

  1. Have just returned from a short trip to England where I bought a lottery ticket and won…………..nothing! Hope you guys have better luck in LA……..come back millionaires!!!

    • Hi Jan, that’s a shame you didn’t win. I’m not holding out any hope for a big win soon ……. but it would be nice. x

  2. Hello friends! I’m sure yesterday was a well needed relax day! I’m glad you got your tickets to see Celine Dion! Was it as good as last time? LOVE the view from your hotel, it’s just spectacular! Enjoy your time 🙂 xx

    • Hi Nat, thanks. We are seeing Celine tomorrow night. The lady who sold us the tickets said the seats were better then. I’m sure it will be fantastic. Yes, we are very lucky with the view. xx

  3. HI enjoy the show we do wish we could be there being Celine fans may be lucky on euro tonight £122 million

    • Hi, you didn’t leave your name so I don’t know who you are but good luck with the Euro tonight!!

  4. Hi Simon and Sandra, nice to meet you! I’m an italian girl, I have found today your blog, congratulations it’s so interesting and beautiful! Can I ask you in which hotel you stayed? I love the view, I want to photograph the same this summer!! Thank you so much!! Elena

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