Day 54! From Colfax to Whitefish, Montana

Wa to Mt 1aWa to Mt 3a

Flatbed Lake

Flatbed Lake (one of my specials from a speeding vehicle!)

Flatbed Lake

Flatbed Lake

This made us smile - shame about the telegraph pole!

This made us smile – shame about the telegraph pole!

View from our balcony

View from our balcony to the left

View from our balcony to the right

View from our balcony to the right

We’ve now left Colfax, home of the Palouse and driven across two States up to Whitefish, Montana via Idaho. It was a lovely drive with fantastic scenery. It’s been beautiful and sunny all the way and the temperature at the moment is 82ºF. We’ve lost an hour of time so that confused us for a while!!

“Why go to Whitefish?” I hear you ask. Well, we’ve come here to visit Glacier National Park to drive the scenic route called ‘going to the sun road.’ Before we left the UK back in May we hadn’t booked anywhere to stay and Si kept saying that there was no panic, there would be plenty of accommodation available!! Well, knowing that men usually no nothing I took it upon myself to find somewhere and sure enough when I looked there was basically nothing left to book. I spoke to the Lodging Company and the only room I could book was up a mountain at a ski-lodge!

I was rather sceptical when I read Trip Adviser and people were saying that because it’s summer there’s nothing much going on here, nowhere will be open to eat and any shops that are here will be closed.

Well, I’m pleased to report that the lodge we are in is excellent and has exceeded my expectations.  The area’s fantastic, there are people here and there are places open to eat. As I am typing this I can hear birds singing and a river flowing. Idilic or what!

The downside is that there’s no TV in the room and we’ve just found out that Murray’s won Wimbledon, so we will have to watch a replay of that on-line.

Here are some photos taken on our trip up from Colfax and the views from our room.

12 thoughts on “Day 54! From Colfax to Whitefish, Montana

  1. I can’t believe he won just after our conversation of how an Englishman hadn’t won in many years. Well done Murray! We miss you two and hope you have a wonderful rest of your trip. We are headed to Oregon tomorrow. 😉

    • Hi Megan, I know, first time in 79 years that a Brit has won Wimbledon and we are not there to see it, or even have a TV in our room to see the highlights!! Miss you all too, would be great to be back at The Cullen House chatting about all things Twilight!! Have a safe and great time in Oregon. xx

  2. Just received the postcard from the both of you, mum has yet to see it, but let me tell you it was so cool receiving a postcard from Forks I got all excited and started crying.. Luckily i’m home alone and no-one saw it 🙂 Thank you! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

    – Amy xxx

    • Oh my, really! I thought you would like it, I even sent one to myself for when we get back home. The lady in the Forks’ Post Office actually hand-stamps the cards herself to make sure they get a Forks’ postmark. When I bought the stamps I had to have European ones of course for us but I also sent two cards to Dot and Nat and their stamps were an apple for Twilight!! xxx

  3. You lucked out with that place! ski lodges are beautiful all year round! so happy the reviewers were wrong! It looks fantastic! You are shooting your way back to the East coast at lightning speed!!!

  4. We are really enthralled with your blog, didn’t realise how much there is to see in America. I work with Karen and Dave is a driver at P and H. Pleased to read and see from photos that you both are having a good time. Chris and Dave XXX

    • Hi Chris, ah, I thought you were the Chris who worked with Karen. So pleased you are enjoying the blog and thanks for taking the time to follow our adventures. There’s so much to see that we could be here a year and not see everything! We are having a fantastic time, life at home will be very boring after this! xxx

  5. Carol was pleased with her card from forks where your staying looks very nice that’s the place we would like

    • That’s great that she got it so quickly! Yes, you would like it here. Last night we had a deer outside for ages, he was just eating and lying around. Got some photos so will post a couple tonight. xx

  6. Amy sent me a picture at work of the postcard and I went around everyone showing them like an excited kid. It’s fantastic thanks for thinking of us an actual forks postmark. Only trouble is who will get to keep it me or Amy ……… hmmmm let’s think !!!!!!!!!

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