Day 78! Newark, New Jersey to London, Heathrow

Well here we are, at the end of our great adventures! We’ve had the most fabulous time travelling the highways and byways of the great U.S.A.

The view of Newark Airport from the Marriott Hotel

The view of Newark Airport from our room at the Marriott Hotel

The cases!

The cases!

We drove 13,183 miles in three different cars (you all know the story of Beasts 1, 2 and 3) and have seen things that will remain with us forever. When we think back over the amazing things we’ve seen it seems like we’ve been here forever, but on a daily basis, we feel as though we arrived only yesterday.

We are going home with two extra suitcases!! I don’t know what we have in those extra suitcases (well, I do really), but we don’t really remember buying half of it! I’m sure when we unpack back home there will be a few surprises in store.

We will post once more on the blog, tomorrow once we reach home, so join us then for the grand ‘farewell’.

7 thoughts on “Day 78! Newark, New Jersey to London, Heathrow

  1. Yes Si & Sand. You have allowed us to almost feel part of your incredible journey. Will see you soon, we hope, when we will be in Sutton during August. I coming over to buy a car; I’m so excited!!!
    Safe journey.

  2. I have really enjoyed following your journey across the length and breadth of USA. I feel I have learnt so much and want to follow in your foot steps one day. I have learnt about films I have never seen!! Sleep well, Sue and Tim will be there to greet you in the morning. You will no doubt watch a few films on the flight home x

  3. Hey Sandra and Si, you’re flying the friendly skies by now. Hope your flight is speedy and uneventful! I think for all the miles you covered and sights you saw, 2 extra suitcases is not bad at all! I

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