Special Post! Flickr Explore

I think you will agree that some of the photos Si’s been taking on our trip have been stunning. Some of you know he’s a member of Flickr and in 2013 on average per day, 1.6 million photos were uploaded to Flickr from people all around the world. I don’t know what the average for 2014 is but you can bet it’s around that figure.

Well everyday Flickr choose 500 of the most interesting photos of all those uploaded and put them on to what they call ‘Explore’. It’s hard enough to get one photo on Explore but our Si in the past three weeks, ever since we arrived in the U.S., has had the honour of having five of his photos shown on there. The highest position for one of the photos being number six.

He already had another three featured on Explore, two from 2012 and one this year.

This is the link to Flickr Explore for all those who may be interested in taking a look.

These are the photos from the past three weeks:

Adam on the Trail Ridge Road

Adam on the Trail Ridge Road

Lone Tree on Lake Yellowstone

Lone Tree on Lake Yellowstone – got to number 6 on Explore

The John Moulton Barn

The John Moulton Barn

Bear Lake

Bear Lake

String Lake

String Lake


6 thoughts on “Special Post! Flickr Explore

    • Tell me about it!! It’s gotten to the point that if he puts a photo on Flickr and it’s doesn’t get on Explore then he starts stamping his foot!!! Yes, what do they know? I’ve checked out your site, love the bluebells and of course your award winning photo. Apparently, Explore is all to do with ‘interestingness’ and there’s an algorithm they use too. We met a young man in Colorado Springs who had a degree in photography ……….. never been on Explore! The world is a strange place.


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