Day 2! Newark, New Jersey to Hyannis, Cape Cod

Today’s really been a driving day getting us to our first site seeing destination, Cape Cod. The day started nicely enough, lovely breakfast at the Marriott, then we went to collect the hire car from Hertz! We were upgraded to a Prestige car, an Infinity, (I shall post a photo tomorrow) it takes seven people, so plenty of room for two plus luggage, even the Barrett’s luggage!!

Then, we discovered that Margaret (sat nav) was living in this car too!! I’m sure you remember her from our previous trips. She sent us round Newark Airport twice including the ‘u’ turns, before we managed to find our way out and on to the Interstate and heading towards Cape Cod. The drive down was very stressful, the traffic was horrendous but we arrived in one piece.

We forgot to get the camera out before we started our trip this morning so I must apologise for the lack of good photos. This should be remedied tomorrow when we start our site-seeing properly with a ferry trip to Nantucket (some of you know that I suffer from travel sickness quite badly, so I must remember to take my travel pills before we set out). Although, I have to say that my dear friend and neighbour, Carol, has been very kind and given me her special bracelet that seems to cure such awful things as travel sickness and apparently, falling over too!  I shall report back after our trip to Nantucket!!

This is one photo I managed to snap on my phone during the trip ……………. you sure do see some strange things on the sides of bridges ……..

Is that Tin Tin?

Is that Tin Tin?








I have to say that Cape Cod is very prettyl. We’ve just enjoyed a wonderful meal at Baxter’s Fish and Chip restaurant. Si, as usual, had his scallops, at least 12 and I had fish bites.  Needless to say I couldn’t finish them all even though they were supposed to be an appetiser!!


Si and his scallops!


Sand with her fish bites and wine!









We were served by the lovely Kate, aka Princess. She’s studied in London, South Kensington no less and loves it so much that she intends to return very soon with her family. This is Kate with Si.



Si with his coffee


Sand with her Cafe Baxter’s …. rum, Baileys, Frangelico and coffee …. boy was it strong!








It’s a miracle that I can actually type this blog whilst under the influence of the Cafe Baxter’s!!  Kate tells us that Baxter’s are famous for their strong drinks!! I can certainly agree with that statement!!

On our drive today from Newark to Cape Cod, it was obvious that the earliest settlers in this part of the U.S. came from England because many of the places were very familiar to us  …………… Swansea, Taunton, Somerset, London, Tiverton, Newport, Warwick, Coventry and Bedford to name but a few!

Tomorrow morning we catch the fast ferry to Nantucket for the first serious site seeing of our trip. So catch up with us later tomorrow, Thursday, when hopefully, Si will have ‘done the business’ got his camera out and taken some decent photographs!!

4 thoughts on “Day 2! Newark, New Jersey to Hyannis, Cape Cod

  1. Going well. I am just a sucker for chips and New Zealand was full of fish & chip restaurants but how wonderful to see they were so available in Cape Cod. Although it kinda does what it says on the tin! Mary had Nantucket scallops in Central Park on our last day in New York a while ago and still rates it as one of her best meals. Onwards, camera at the ready!

  2. Hey you two!! You’re already finding friends along the way! Enjoy the drive the weather is going to be nice the next few days, from what I hear! Take care!! xx

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