Day 23! Home

Well, here we are at home.

I managed to spend some more dollars at the Duty Free in Newark Airport before we took off. Well, when a girl sees a bargain, what is she supposed to do!? Perfume this time but at least it didn’t take up too much room.

We didn’t have the pleasure of flying back on the Dreamliner last night, we had to make do with an Airbus but it was fine. The flight was uneventful and we even arrived back early at Heathrow.

We whipped through the e-passport gates, our luggage was practically first off the plane, met up with our driver and were heading out of Heathrow within 15 minutes!

When we arrived home and opened the cases it came as no surprise that one of them had been opened ‘for security purposes’ at Newark and searched. At least this time it was left tidy!

We had a great time, met some wonderful people and saw some memorable things. We drove 2684 miles.

So, it’s time to say ‘farewell’ once again and to thank you all for travelling with us and for the comments you posted.

Until we all meet again, we would just like to say ………………..

arrivederci, adeus, hejdå, 再见, zoi geen, zai jian, tot ziens, au revoir, tschüss, shalom, ciao, じゃね, anyeonghi gasyeo, poka/Пока, adios, hejdå, tạm biệt, vΘleft, farvel, ya sas, tókša akhé

and see you on the next ………………………. holiday road:

'Bye' Hope to see you all soon!

‘Bye’ Hope to see you all soon!

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6 thoughts on “Day 23! Home

  1. As always it was so “lovely” seeing you both again! Following the blog and keeping track of your adventures! I hope you aren’t too jet lagged and can enjoy your concert tomorrow! Take care, Nat xx

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