Day 15 – On the Road Again! The Tetons to Salt Lake City

So, today we’ve been ‘back on the road again!’ The day started sunny and warm, about 70 degrees and the trip was uneventful until we reached about the half-way point and the black clouds rolled in and ‘boom’, very heavy rain. I’m pleased to say it didn’t last long and were soon enjoying the sunshine again. 🌞 The trip took about 4 hrs 30 minutes, so not too bad and once we had checked-in to the hotel (it’s the same one we stayed at on our trip north to the Tetons) we went and enjoyed a meal, once again at The Texas Road House with the fantastic buttery rolls.

One thing that rather puzzled us was when we ordered our drinks and were asked for proof of age!! What, I didn’t know we looked so young. 😂 Our waiter told us it’s because Utah has got the strictest drinking laws and because they are just a restaurant rather then a pub then they have to ask for proof of age. However, you’ll remember we went into the same restaurant last week and no one asked us then for proof of age! Perhaps our stay in the Teton range has made us look younger!!!!!!

As we were driving along today I asked Si what his favourite food had been during our stay in the Tetons. He said he had liked everything but for me, I will always remember the Tetons for the petite bison fillet with huckleberry sauce ………… more than fabulous, hevenly!  I wonder if I can buy that in the UK, I need to check out Amazon!! 😉

Here are a few photos of things we saw today!

As we left Dornans this morning the Coca-Cola lorry pulled up. I just love to see these, we don’t see them very often, if at all, in the UK.

The Coca-Cola lorry

Not even going to comment on this sign I saw in a ‘facility’ in Jackson!

Not a lot to say really!

Saw this RV and immediately thought of one of our favourite songs!

Four Winds!

This video, courtesy of YouTube, is not of the best quality, but the tune’s still great! Four Strong Winds sung by Neil Young and Friends. Sing along if you know the song!  La, la, la, la. 🎸

As we flew along the road in Etna, Stary Valley we saw this wonderful small cabin on the side of the road. I just knew I had to take a better look so we did a U turn in the road and went back. Sadly it wasn’t open but I’ve managed to find out some of the history, you know I love a little piece of history! So …………… here’s today’s lesson!

The Baker Cabin

The Baker Cabin

Anna Eliza Telford was born in Bountiful, Davis County, Utah, on 7 August 1856, the daughter of John Dodds Telford and Sarah Matilda Coltrin. She married Alonzo Baker on 29 January 1876. They first made their home in Richmond, Cache County, Utah, where they had six children: Harriet May, William Alonzo, Anna Eliza, Sarah Lavinia, Elcie Camelia, and John Lorenzo.

They moved to Star Valley, Wyoming, in the spring of 1888. Son George Tyler was born in May 1888 after they got to Star Valley. They spent the winter in a tent with a lean-to which was an overturned wagon box. In the spring of 1889, Alonzo Baker and other family members contracted to build a roadbed for the railroad south of Deer Lodge, Montana. The oldest boy William, who was 10 years old, went along to help.

Meanwhile, Anna Eliza, who has spent the harsh winter in the tent and wagon box, and vowed not to do it again, decided to build her own home. She and her oldest daughter May, apparently went to Prater Canyon to get logs. This was the nearest place to get logs. She brought the logs out, trimmed them, and carved the notches so the logs would fit together snugly. Her father was a carpenter and she must have learned carpentry from watching him. The home she built was 16 ft by 30 ft and had two rooms. It was strong enough to last more than a century. Long after the family had abandoned the home, it stood while it was used for storage, for animal shelters and other uses. It was only when the last owner was about to tear it down for firewood that it was revealed as the sturdy pioneer home that it was. It was relocated to Etna where it now stands as the oldest home in Star Valley. It is identified as the Baker Cabin. It was built by a pioneer woman with the help of a 13 year old girl and several small children.

Her daughter May went to Logan in the fall of 1889 to go to school. She contracted diptheria and died at the age of 13. Anna had four more children: Ruby Eleanor, Eather Cyral, Leroy, Mary Vella and James Telford. Anna died two days after the birth of her last child, James Telford.

Alonzo Baker remarried in 1902 and subsequently moved to California with his family.

What a great story that is! To read more on this story and to see one of Anna Eliza and Alfonso’s grandchildren, Lloyd Baker, who was actually born in the cabin, then just click on Lloyd Baker’s name above.

Meanwhile further along the road ………… some creatures just have no respect! These cows thought it was okay to walk on the road.

Cows blocking our path!

Welcome to Idaho

We thought this cloud looked like a laughing man!

Can you see the laughing man?






We just knew the rain was gonna fall!

Here comes the rain!








Reminded us of the spin classes I’m missing and Si his road cycling back home!

Reminded us of home!








We drove past this trailer pretty quickly, it didn’t look very safe!

Hay trailer – it looked a little unsafe!







and finally ………………….

Welcome to Utah and Salt Lake City!

Tomorrow we have a long six-hour drive back to Las Vegas to return our ‘trusty steed’ and Britney (sat nav) to their rightful owners, then it’s in a cab and back to the Bellagio for our last couple of days before our flight on Thursday. ✈️

Hope you’ll join us again tomorrow to see what interesting sights we see along the way!

As always, thanks for joining us along our ‘holiday road!’ More tomorrow!






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  1. Loved the Baker family story, hard lives they lived back then.
    I remember being asked for ID/proof of age in a restaurant in Nashville, didn’t have our passports on us so they wouldn’t serve us an alcoholic drink (beer) !!!
    You may be able to get Bison steaks in

    • Yes they did Ann, it was such a small cabin for 14 people to live in. Ooh, I hadn’t thought about Costco, you could be right. 👍 I’ll check it out when we get back. x

  2. Thanks for the Link “Four Strong Winds”. I used to sing this with my brother in Folk Clubs and still know all the words. Make the most of the rest of your holiday without thinking about England. But it won’t be long before you’ll be heading to more states.

  3. I didn’t know the song Four Strong Winds so I’m glad you posted a link! There is a Coca-Cola truck that stops outside my work weekly! I love the laughing man cloud, I totally saw it once I made it larger! Good eye 🙂 Was the before the rain or after?

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