Day 18 – Las Vegas to London Heathrow!

Well, I’m wide awake this morning!

The first thing I did was to email the car company who will be collecting us from Heathrow. If you remember on the day they were supposed to collect us from home to take us to Heathrow they had a computer problem and no-one turned up until we contacted them. I’m pleased to confirm we are on their books for tomorrow, Friday, afternoon. 🚗

Then I double-checked that our room was down for late check-out. I originally booked to leave at 3.00 p.m. but when I spoke to Customer Services they said we could extend until 6.00 p.m. if we wished for just an extra $34, well it seemed rude not to accept. So, we have a comfy place to eek out some of the waiting time instead of the hard chairs at the airport. Our plan is to leave here about 5.00 p.m., we are already checked in so it should just be a case of dropping off the bags ………………. and paying the excess charges. I just know the bags are going to be overweight! Hey ho! 🧳

We had breakfast at the pool cafe again and our waiter was the same guy we had when we first arrived. He remembered us (is that a good or a bad thing!?) and when we ordered two mimosas (thought it would be a nice end to the holiday!) he actually paid for them! How kind was that!

Our two Mimosas!

One funny thing happened at breakfast. The pool cafe is open-air so there are always a few sparrows flying around looking for their own breakfast. Well, Si was sat there enjoying his breakfast when something appeared overhead and hit him on his head! He was so shocked but boy was it funny. It was a single French fry that a little sparrow had picked up but it was so heavy he dropped it just as he flew past Si.

That naughty sparrow with his French fry!

Si had his All American breakfast while I decided on the Fruit Parfait. Si always has his without the fried potatoes so our waiter decided he should have fresh fruit instead!

Sand enjoy her parfait this morning!

Si with his All American, minus potatoes!









Our waiter thought Si should have some fruit as he didn’t want potatoes with his All American breakfast!

Si had grabbed us a good spot by the pool and we found ourselves between two couples, one from near Denver and the other from somewhere I’d never heard of in Minnesota. We spent a few hours discussing this and that …………… and politics!! ☹️

It was very hot again this morning so we had our umbrella up straight away. Unfortunately, the wind started to blow very strongly and we were all asked to put them down, for safety reasons. We didn’t stay long after that because of the heat.

As I’m not one for eating on a night flight (I like to get my head down as soon as we board) we decided on room service and have just had a fabulous turkey club and french fries with a great pot of camomile tea for me and coffee for Si. I’m sure poor Si will spend the whole flight awake like he usually does!

Thought I’d finish the post today with a photo of one of the very lovely flower displays they have here at the Bellagio.

Just one of the Bellagio flower displays

Our next post will be from good ol’ Blighty, 🇬🇧 hopefully late Friday if I can stay awake! 😂 😴 So please join us then. In the meantime, thank you once again for reading. 😀

8 thoughts on “Day 18 – Las Vegas to London Heathrow!

  1. All in all a good last day of sunshine, food and chatter. Hope you had a safe and uneventful flight back. I’m off to Spin class, won’t knock for a cuppa as you will be asleep no doubt 🤣🤣🤣.

  2. That was so nice of the waiter to pay for your mimosas! so exciting! I’m happy to see that everyone is reporting sun in England, so you wont be too shocked! I am like Si and cannot sleep on the plane. Hopefully you had a restful flight and there were not chronic coughers or screaming babies!! xx

    • Hi Nat, yes, he was a lovely guy. We’ve had a lovely sunny day today. People can’t believe it after all the rain. I’m telling them we brought it back with us!! 😂 We were so lucky on the flight, no babies or coughers!! xx

  3. Looks like you had a ball! Bit of wi-fi here but not holding my breath for the blog. Too knackered last night but no signal anyway! Trust you are back safe and sound. Can’t believe we have just two weeks now and this time in two weeks we shall also be home 🙁
    Crazy room here in Kennicott, huge but no phone, hair dryer, coffee maker, fridge, or safe. So not a room as we know it Jim. Take care M & M loved your trip. Thanks for sharing. Xxx

    • Hi M&M, yes, we had a fantastic time. Will definitely be going back again to the Tetons, so beautiful. It sure does go quickly. Oh my goodness, quite a bare room then. I hate not having a safe. Pleased you liked the blog. Enjoy the rest of your trip. xxx

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