Day 8 – Disaster! Covid Strikes!

It’s true, we do not have any bananas today and we do not have a ‘normal’ blog post either!

I (Sand) have tested positive for Covid so we haven’t been able to do any hiking today or the horseback riding we had booked!

No wonder I was so breathless on the hike yesterday! 😥

Si’s spoken to a pharmacist who has provided me with the necessary pills and lozenges and fingers crossed, this will only be a mild dose. He said I can go outside but to make sure to wear a mask but I will feel tired. I concur with that!

How ironic after isolating for two weeks to make sure we could fly that this happens. I haven’t been feeling well since we arrived here but I just thought it could just be a little chest infection! Dah! (Note to self …….. should have been the first thing I thought of!). I think I must have picked it up on the plane or in Vegas.

Anyway, the whole day’s not lost entirely as the mule deer from last night has just been feeding outside our window.

Mule Deer

I see you!

Is he laughing?

Who’s that?

I’ll finish by wishing Her Majesty a very happy Platinum Jubilee. 🇬🇧

15 thoughts on “Day 8 – Disaster! Covid Strikes!

  1. So sorry to hear the Covid news, get well soon, check what the pharmacist has given you ? I had some once in Canada for tooth ache which knocked me out for days. Sure they gave me Valium or similar 🙀Made me feel 100 times worse tiredness wise that is. Seeing the Deer was nice for you, hope you are on the mend very soon 😷💪

  2. No! Just No! We have got everything crossed it’s a really mild dose! That is so unfair. And fingers crossed Si doesn’t get it.
    Rest and get well really quickly. The Jubilee was quite a do. You haven’t been mixing with royalty have you? Because Prince Andrew has it!!! GET WELL SOON. M & M 🇬🇧🇬🇧

  3. A lovely tonic to see the Mule Deer. Rest well and hope you make a speedy recovery to carry on with your adventure…lots of love xx

      • It’s pure lucky dip, Ann my wife had it last November, no great symptoms and I didn’t get it. I had it for 2 weeks in March, not great, Ann didn’t get it again, antibodies I guess. As we get closer to our departure date we’re slightly stressing that Ann will get it again, I won’t, thanks to the marvellous antibodies

      • It is weird. Gosh, 2 weeks, that’s awful. We’ll keep everything crossed that you get off okay. It’s so stressful, you need a holiday to get over the stress! 😂

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