Day 11 – Capitol Reef NP – Grand Teton NP – The News is Not Good!

This is a short blog today. We arrived in Grand Teton National Park after an eight-hour drive. I’ll post all about our journey tomorrow.

The bad news is that Si’s tested positive for Covid!

Si’s Covid Test Result

See you tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Day 11 – Capitol Reef NP – Grand Teton NP – The News is Not Good!

  1. Oh blast and botheration and much stronger words. I guess you took a supply of LFT with you. Just hope he shakes it off somehow. I just haven’t the words – both of us having had it recently, the memory is still mighty fresh.
    Got everything 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞
    M & M xxxx

    • Thanks M&M. Yes, I thought we should be prepared! In himself he’s not too bad. He’s got the cough, sore throat and blocked nose so it’s like a bad cold. Could be worse I guess. At least our cabin here is very comfortable with a full kitchen and amenities too hand. Imagine if we were staying in a Motel 6!! 😱xx

    • Thank you. Indeed! You’ve got to laugh really. This holiday was rearranged four times and then as soon as we get here we catch the bug. It would make a good sitcom. As least our 50 years of marriage we are celebrating fared rather better! 😂

  2. Ugh, well it was inevitable I suppose. So sorry! I hope he’s fairing well though and you both get through this quickly! At least you have this variation of the illness and not the original strand! Leave it to the US to give it to you!! take care xx

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