Day 19 – Salt Lake City to Las Vegas

Today was a driving day back to Las Vegas and we had a nasty surprise this morning when we woke up to rain, heavy grey clouds and the temperature was only 51 degrees! ☔️ It was supposed to be hot and sunny! 🌞

Being a Monday the roads were much busier so add in the rain, wind and roadworks it all had the potential for a long seven hour drive! Salt Lake City is huge, there were twelve lanes of traffic and seemed to go on forever. The one lucky break was the fact that there was an Express lane so we spent the first hour driving in that. The Express lane is solely for cars carrying two or more people and means no Toll fees have to be paid.

The Express Lane

The one good thing about the rain was the fact that it washed much of the dirt off the car so it actually looked respectable when we returned it today. I couldn’t take a photo as I said I would as all the dead bugs had been washed off.

Looks nasty!










We had two very scary incidents where the wind was so strong in exposed areas that the car was pushed across the road into the next lane.😱 Considering the car was like a tank that was some strong wind!  If there had been another vehicle driving next to us it could have been very nasty. 😱

The weather can be crazy. Back in Jackson in the Kelly area there was a flood warning for today.

For today’s driving snacks we changed things up a notch and had sandwiches, corn chips and hot drinks. Si had a Turkey Club and coffee while I went for Tuna and hot chocolate. There’s something so soothing about hot chocolate. Now hot chocolate and a tuna sandwich may sound a little strange but I drink it with just about everything.

Vegas here we come!

Only 312 miles to go!










We drove through Arizona for a while.

Welcome to Arizona

Feeling a little whimsical, this cloud made me think of William Wordsworth’s poem “I wondered lonely as a cloud”. 🤔

Landlocked Lighthouse

On our journey we saw this landlocked lighthouse in Cedar City. It seemed a rather strange place to put a lighthouse as it’s 450 miles from the nearest ocean so I investigated further and this is what I found out:

The lighthouse was built in 2000 and stands at 88 feet tall. Developers claimed it was the tallest inland lighthouse in the United States when constructed. It has never guided any ships, and it doesn’t have a lighthouse keeper.

It was originally built to be an icon that would set Providence Center apart from other developments in Utah. But there’s also an underlying reason for its construction. According to Thomas A. Pugh, managing partner of the Providence Center and CEO of Quantum Construction, it was built in preparation for a big earthquake when California may drop off into the ocean, at which time the lighthouse in Cedar City, Utah will be the only lighthouse standing on the ‘new’ Pacific Coast of the United States. He obviously has a sense of humour! 😂

Thought this was interesting ……………. Love’s petrol! Not at the current prices we don’t!!

The Love’s story is an interesting one dating back to 1964. If you like a little history, check it out here.


A long way from the UK!


Could be tricky!

Si’s favourite road ……… not!

We eventually left the bad weather behind, the sun came out, the temperature gradually increased and by the time we arrived in Las Vegas it was in the high 90s. It’s much quieter here than when we first arrived nearly three weeks ago. It was Memorial weekend back then and was just crazy busy.

I expect we will!

The first thing we did after checking in at the Bellagio was to have my favourite cheese plate with cocktails at the Petrossian Bar. We both had a Conservatory Cup consisting of Haku Vodka, Pimm’s No. 1, English Cucumber, Fresh Ginger and Fresh Lemon. Very refreshing.

The Petrossian Bar

Just arrived!

Waiting for my cheese plate










After our long drive today I think an early night is in order. 😴Thanks for reading, hope to see you tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Day 19 – Salt Lake City to Las Vegas

  1. The long and winding road …………quite a drive, hope you slept well after such a journey after eating all the cheese in the board. A couple of days relaxing by the pool now I expect.

    • It was a long way, 411 miles. Slept well, although still waking up early. There’s a high alert warning for very high temperatures, 109 on Thursday when we leave so need to be careful! xx

  2. Like the story about the landlocked lighthouse! So how many miles in total? Enjoy your last few days relaxing by the pool – and more shopping per chance? 😆 xx

  3. Wow reminded us of some of the drives we have done in Alaska and Canada. Had that lane jump here once in me old Volvo on the A1 frightened the life out of me!
    Enjoy your final days. We are packed and standing by!
    M & M xxxxx

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