Day 5 – Another Day of Adventure!

9th May:

Good morning from the Hotel Denver in Glenwood Springs. 😀

The Hotel Denver

I am very pleased to report we slept much better last night. It would appear we have returned to something of a regular schedule as we woke at six this morning. That’s not to say we didn’t wake up in the night too. I told you we are opposite the train station ………… well that means that trains do pass through the station during the night and that’s what woke me in the early hours. One went through at great speed, whoosh. 🚉 It didn’t wake Si of course, he managed to sleep through it.

Our room is large and beautifully furnished, it even has the king bed we asked for but didn’t really expect to get.

I never thought I would say this but …………….. we’ve been sleeping in a brothel!! 😂 😱Well, what used to be one. The Hotel Denver has a very rich history. I know some of you like a little history so click on the two red links, they are worth the read.

Our train journey this morning is starting out a little later than expected due to maintenance on the track. Where have we heard that before I wonder …….. those reading this in the UK?

That means that instead of being on the train for breakfast and lunch we will now have lunch and dinner and arrive in Denver about two hours later than originally planned.

Glenwood Springs is a resort city in Colorado known for its hot springs. It sits in the rugged Rocky Mountains, surrounded by the vast White River National Forest. Glenwood Canyon is rich with wildlife and features Hanging Lake, with its striking turquoise waters. Glenwood Caverns are ancient underground caves. Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park has roller coasters and canyon swings overlooking the Colorado River. It has a population of just over 10,000 people.

The day started with clear blue skies and warm sunshine so we took an early walk to take a quick look around before eating breakfast in a restaurant called the Daily Bread. Si had a huge omelet called a Polmek that consisted of Polish sausage, jalapeño chillies and cheese. It seemed to me to be rather a bad idea as we were boarding at 11.00 a.m. and brunch was going to be served shortly after. I just had a bagel and cream cheese. 🤷‍♀️

We have spent another wonderful day aboard the Rocky Mountaineer (all today’s excitement will be included in the special post later in the week) and have now arrived in Denver for our overnight stay at the Grand Hyatt Hotel where we were delighted to be told that we had been upgraded to a corner junior executive suite! 👏

We collect our hire car bright and early tomorrow morning for our journey to the next part of our adventure, our visit to the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. 

See you there!

7 thoughts on “Day 5 – Another Day of Adventure!

  1. Sounds like it’s panning out OK. Our rail trips were occasionally like that but hey, you weren’t going to be late for work so did it matter? One point the guard said we will be stopped here for a while – if you want to get off and stretch your legs please do – and if you’ve got ‘em, you can smoke them! Have fun! M & M xxx

  2. I thought you were sleeping on the train 🤔. Glad you had a nice big bed in the brothel 😉. On to your favourite place next xx

  3. How exciting! The Hotel Denver sounds interesting indeed…your room is beautiful!! I am going to assume you didn’t partake in the roller coasters and canyon swings?? ha. Enjoy your new day!! xx

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