Day 1! Heathrow to Newark, New Jersey

We arrived at Heathrow in good time, all thanks being due to our great friends, Sue and Tim, who were super chauffeurs. We owe you one or two!

Well, this is our aircraft, Mustang Sally Mustang Sallyand us waiting to get on board. We look as though we must have had a glass or two but that was just me!! Si had to drive later so no alcoholic beverages for him!!

We had a smooth, uneventful flight and when we eventually arrived at Newark Airport it was the busiest we have ever seen it and had to queue for an hour to get through Immigration but they did let us in after all, so that Waiting to Boardwas a relief!

We collected our hire car and for some reason they upgraded us (which means they didn’t have the 4×4 we ordered) and we now have a Ford Flex (picture later) that accommodates us and our baggage and a lot of space to spare!!

Today we travel up to Elmira in New York State to stay with our good friends Dot and John.

5 thoughts on “Day 1! Heathrow to Newark, New Jersey

  1. Hi, Good to hear that your flight was okay and that you have arrived safely. Silly to say i know but enjoy yourselves. We are looking forward to following your progress and seeing all of your photographs taken by Simon’s all singing and dancing camera.
    Love Pam and Trev xx

  2. Yay!!! You made it! So happy you arrived there safely and are now at Dot and John’s house! I’ll be seeing you both tomorrow 🙂

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