D Day!

Well, I can’t believe I’m actually writing this at Heathrow!! The last couple of months have certainly flown by!

One week ago we were underweight with our packing ….. well that soon changed and we found ourselves well and truly overweight!! The bags that is, not us … well, not yet anyway!!

Out went one pair of the ‘smart’ shoes for something that weighed a little less together with other items of clothing, including the gym gear (sorry Bex, it had to be done).

We’ve had our full English breakfast and now are in the lounge waiting to board in about an hour and then it’s off into the friendly skies and ‘US here we come!’ Catch you on the other side.

4 thoughts on “D Day!

  1. Well you have about 3 hours left in your flight! I hope it went well and fast!! Too bad about the luggage, they really get you these days! You’ll be shipping all your new things home because i’m sure it will cost less than checking it at the airport!! See you soon 🙂 xx

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