One Week To Go!!

Well, one week to go and the itinerary has changed yet again!! Denver has ‘bitten the dust’  in favour of Deadwood, Cody and The Black Hills of Dakota.

At the moment we are way under in our baggage weight allowance!! That’s a first for me and I don’t know how that’s happened.  I must be losing my grip or something.  No doubt by the day of departure that ‘error’ will have been corrected.

86483515We’ve booked accommodation for our visit to Yellowstone National Park and will be staying in a cabin that’s 8300 feet above sea level.  The only road up to the cabin is very steep and made of gravel.  People who have stayed there before say it’s a very hairy trip up and down and is not for the fainthearted!! I may be laid out on the back seat of the car with a cool towel on my brow while Simon manoeuvres his way to the top!!

3 thoughts on “One Week To Go!!

  1. I’m late on my reply! But i can see you in that pic with the lady and the cloth on her forhead!! Less than 48 hours until departure now! ENJOY!!!!

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