Two Weeks To Go!

IMG_1220Just two weeks to go until the big day and passports are ‘at the ready!’

It’s incredible how quickly the days are flying by! The big question as far as I’m concerned ‘what clothes and shoes should I pack?’ has now been answered.  Just get everything out that I would like to take and then start to eliminate for various reasons.  I now have a (for me) relatively small pile of clothing and minimum pairs of shoes just waiting to be packed.

As some of you know I’m a bit of a shoe nut so my decision to only take two pairs of ‘smart’ IMG_1218shoes, walking trainers and three pairs of FitFlops was a life changing moment!! It’s so much easier for men when it comes to holiday packing. Shorts, trousers, shirts, shoes, underwear ………… done!!

1 thought on “Two Weeks To Go!

  1. Yay! You’re holiday is soon here!! These next few days are going to fly by!! I LOVE the Jimmy Choo wedge sandals!!!! They could fit in your case, right? You have small feet!

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