Day 10! From Virginia to Tennessee

Well, this will be a short blog today as we spent all day in the car!

Mimslyn Inn

We left our hotel in Luray and the temperature had dropped from 83 degrees yesterday to 45 degrees this morning.  It was cold and as you can see, overcast!!

We’ve now made it to Nashville after a very uneventful 567 mile drive and also going through one time zone in which we gained an hour.  The skies are blue and the temperature is 73 degrees.

We spent most of the drive time playing the driving licence game, we now have 38 of the 50 State plates but we gave up counting dead animals on the highway ….. too morbid!

Tomorrow we will start discovering just what Nashville has to offer.

3 thoughts on “Day 10! From Virginia to Tennessee

  1. I’m glad you gave up the dead animal game Sandra. It was very sad. Sounds like you are moving right along with the license plate game though. I’m glad you arrived in my home state of Tennessee to blue skies and warm weather!


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