Day 11! Nashville

Well, Nashville does indeed have a lot to offer.

Antique ArcheologyWe started the day by visiting Antique Archaeology (their spelling)! Does anyone besides us watch the TV programme on the History Channel on Sky TV? Well, just in case we are the only ones, the programme’s about two guys, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz who are American pickers.  They travel the US searching for old stuff. They have two shops, one here in Nashville and one in Iowa and we will be visiting that one later on our trip.

We arrived at the shop this morning firmly believing that we would be the only two turning up and saying “hey we watch you on the TV and we thought we’d come and check out your shop”.  Well, how stupid are we!! We turned up at the same time as about 150 other people so it seems as though we are not the only ones watching them after all. There was Antique Archeology Bandeven a band playing music. It was quite the carnival event.

Nashville is a great place for live music and has the Country Music Hall of Fame and

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Museum.  Visiting is a must for any Country fan.  It shows the complete history of Country and Western music and has over 400,000 pieces of memorabilia including Elvis Presley’s solid gold piano and gold car that has a gold television and record player.

In Downtown Nashville there are literally dozens of bars, most playing live music all day, where a good time can be had by all.  If you are a young girl then shorts and cowboy boots are the order of the day. Simon will try and get a picture tomorrow ……….. as long as he doesn’t get arrested doing so!!

Nashville CostumesAnother programme I watch is a series called Nashville (it’s on More4).  It’s about two Country singers and part of it is actually filmed here in Nashville (surprise, surprise). Some of the costumes and things from the series are on show too.  Gosh, those dresses are really small.  I need to get back to the gym as soon as possible!!

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  1. Careful guys,..we don’t want you to sold as “old stuff’ there! I can’t even imagine what an all gold piano looks like. The Country Music Hall of Fame looks awesome!

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