Day 14! Memphis

Today we’ve done the Graceland tour and I have to say that although we are not big Elvis fans we both found it quite emotional.

Graceland 7Graceland is a lovely place, not particularly large compared to some stars’ homes today. Elvis bought it in 1957 when he was just 22. He lived there with his Mum, Dad and Grandma.  Having been born into a poor family, their home had only two rooms at the time, he was a twin but sadly his twin brother was stillborn, he was conscious of hardship and was a very generous person.  If his brother, Jesse, had lived I wonder if they may have

Rear of Graceland

Rear of Graceland

been a double act!! He was always ready to help other people, and would give generously to people in need of help.  Cheques were on show for 1968 and each time he had given $1000 to each good cause, which at the time was a lot of money.

Cheques Elvis gave to good causes

Cheques Elvis gave to good causes

He was very close to his Mum, Gladys, and was always aware of how hard times had been for both her and his Dad and he was always buying her things to make up for the hard times.

Glady's pink Cadillac

Gladys’ pink Cadillac

He bought her a pink Cadillac and he kept the car after she died because he knew she loved it.  He would buy her jewellery, and things he thought she would like.  His Dad spent a period of time in jail and it was during that time when it was just Elivs and his Mum that they became very close. When Gladys died at the age of 46 he was devastated.

Graceland 9We were surprised at how many stage outfits he had.  All variations on a theme of jump suits.  Some encrusted with all kinds of stones.  We saw his car collection and were also able to go on board his private jet, Lisa Marie.  There were many different coloured seats and each had a matching seat belt all 24 carat gold plated.  He also had a Graceland 8private small jet called Hound Dog II.  The leather seats were yellow and green!!

Graceland 4

He was originally buried in a cemetery next to his Mum but for security reasons his Dad decided that both Elvis and Gladys should be moved to Graceland.  Elvis already had a meditation garden that he loved to sit in at quiet times, so their bodies were moved there and his Dad and Grandma, together with a memorial to his brother, Jesse, are there now too.

Graceland 5

Graceland 6

Graceland 2

Beale Street

Tonight we took our lives in our hands and hit Beale Street!! The street to be in Memphis.  We ate at BB King’s Blues Bar and listened to Blind Mississippi Morris playing and singing the blues. He was excellent.Blind Mississippi Maurice 2

Beale Street 5

Blind Mississippi Maurice

We were lucky that when we arrived in Beale Street there was a display of ‘hot rod’ cars … Si was in his element.

Beale Street 4

Beale Street 3

Beale Street 2

So tomorrow we leave Memphis and head to Hot Springs, Arkansas but before we go I just wanted to share with you a picture of  ‘a new place we’ve found to dwell, it’s down at the end of Lonely Street at the … Heartbreak Hotel’. Now if that doesn’t get you singing then nothing will!!

Swimming pool at the Heartbreak Hotel

Swimming pool ‘down at the end of Lonely Street at the Heartbreak Hotel’

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  1. Hi you two! I was a great Elvis when I was young. The first single I ever bought was “Suspicious Minds”. Not sure what that says about me…Your blog is the thing I look forward to everyday. I almost feel as if I am a fly on the wall. Good luck with the next stage of your incredible journey. Love Jan (in France) xx

    • Hi de hi Jan, thanks. Glad to hear you are enjoying the blog, we make sure to keep on writing. xx

  2. Sounds like an amazing place, need to visit one day. My brother & Sister in Law went a few years ago and loved it, they go to lots of music gigs in USA.

  3. How exciting!! That post makes me want to go there someday myself! Who new?? That’s incredible what he did for others. You never hear that about him. So glad you both had a fantastic time! Glad to see the sun is shining!!! Can’t wait for your next post!! xx

  4. You both look like you are having a fantastic time, i have always wanted to go to Gracelands. We look forward to reading your blog, and are glad that in your busy schedule that you find the time to keep us informed and jealous of course.xx

    • Hi, yes we are having a great time. You must put Graceland on your list for the future. xx

  5. Oh now I’m really jealous I loved Elvis as a kid remember Nan buying me my first Elvis album. You both look like your having so much fun. XX

  6. This is so cool Sandra and Si! Are all the streets there named after his songs? The blues bar looks awesome. What an adventure!

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