Day 31! Bryce Canyon, Utah

Sevier River 1a

Sevier River

We started the day with haircuts!! I’ve had the same hairdresser, John, for over 35 years but alas, as we couldn’t bring him with us to the US we had to find someone else to trim the locks.  It was quite a nervy experience trying someone new but we were very lucky in finding a lovely young lady called Jessica who works for Rumours here in Panguitch. In her spare time she’s a barrel racer in the rodeo.  She’s very petite so she should be able to ride around those barrels really fast. She did an excellent job in making us look decent again. While we were waiting for our appointment we had a run up to Panguitch lake and passed this lovely river along the way.

Bryce Canyon 4a

Bryce Canyon

After lunch we drove to Bryce Canyon and were once again blown away by the magnificence of it.

Bryce Canyon 5a

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon 2a

Natural Arch in Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon, which despite its name, is not a canyon but a collection of giant natural  amphitheaters.  Bryce is distinctive due to geological structures called hoodoos, formed by  frost weathering and stream erosion of the river and lake bed sedimentary rocks. The red, orange, and white colors of the rocks provide spectacular views. The rim at Bryce varies from 8,000 to 9,000 feet.

The Bryce Canyon area was settled by Mormon pioneers in the 1850s and was named after Ebenezer Bryce, who homesteaded in the area in 1874. The area around Bryce Canyon became a National Monument in 1923 and was designated as a National Park in 1928.

Bryce Canyon 1a

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon 3a

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon 7a

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon 6a

Bryce Canyon


LHOP ……. Little House On The Prairie

Red Canyon 1a

One of the Red Canyon tunnels

Tomorrow we will be hiking some of the trails we were not able to do today.  Because Bryce is high above sea level the temperature is lower than we had in Moab and today was a fairly pleasant 79 degrees.

As we were leaving Bryce Canyon we had to stop and make way for a wrangler and his trail horses.  Again, something else you don’t see at home. The photo was taken through the car windscreen.

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  1. HI once again the pictures are great we like the picture through the windscreen and little house on the prairie

  2. Oh! I love the wrangler and his horses! What a great picture! The “LHOP” is fantastic. I hope there were other homes in the area though. It seems so far away from civilization!

  3. Hello!! Bryce Canyon is gorgeous! Is there anything more beautiful than those rock formations? I love love love “LHOP” that’s just amazing that’s really there! Your haircuts look quite lovely as well!! xx

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