Day 32! Bryce Canyon

First of all a ‘funny’ tale!! Peggy who owns the B&B we are staying at here in Panguitch was telling us this morning a story about when she first located from California to Panguitch, many years ago.

Her friend had a very old cocker spaniel dog that went missing one day. Peggy helped in the search but they were unable to find it so they called in the local tracker who also went in search of the animal but returned with the sad news that the dog had been taken by a mountain lion!  Then, he turned and in the distance saw a coyote and instantly and in front of Peggy and her friend, shot it dead! He did that because there’s a bounty in the area and if you kill a coyote and cut off the two ears, you get a reward of $50!!  Peggy knew her life would never be the same again!!!!!!!

Bryce Canyon 6a

Can you see Thor’s hammer to the right of centre?

Bryce Canyon 5aBryce Canyon 9aBryce Canyon 12aBryce Canyon 19aBryce Canyon 17aBryce Canyon 20aBryce Canyon 18a

Ground Squirrel

Ground Squirrel

Bryce Canyon 16a

Old car in Bryce Canyon today

Bryce Canyon 8aBryce Canyon 14aBryce Canyon 11aRed Canyon Tunnel 1aBruyce Canyon 2aBryce Canyon 13aBryce Canyon 7aBryce Canyon 15aBruyce Canyon 3a

What the modern day hiker should be wearing!

What the modern day hiker should be wearing!

So, today we did the other half of Bryce Canyon and did two hikes. One was the famous Navajo Loop trail that starts at 7800 feet above sea level, drops down to 7400 feet and then you have to climb back up again!! Luckily, a lot of it was in the shade. We did it nice and early before it got really hot. Our second hike was at 9115 feet on the Bristlecone Trail but this one was not so steep on the climbs. Some Bristlecones have been found to be between 4000 and 5000 years old!!

We also had a lucky day seeing deer, fawns, chipmunks and ground squirrels.  The difference, for those who like to know these things, between a chipmunk and a ground squirrel is that a chipmunk has stripes on its head and a ground squirrel does not!!  This is what another traveller told us so I’m open to correction!

4 thoughts on “Day 32! Bryce Canyon

  1. WOW! Those are serious hikers! I would need more than a “stick” to help me up and down those elevations. And isn’t that strange about the ground squirrel? They do look like our chippies withoug the stripes. I love the yellow flower growing out of the dust/sand!

  2. Sandra you are getting brave sitting so close to the edge!!! I think that’s interesting about the chipmunk and ground squirrel…but i have to say, i’ve never seen a chipmunk minus his stripes on his head!! Those hikers definately know how to get up and down a trail! I love your photo at the Ponderosa Point sign!!! Another day of beutiful sights!!

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