Day 40! Yosemite to Mount Shasta, Northern California

It’s so lovely to be back in contact with the world!

The Beast 2

The Beast 2

Today was a driving day.  It occurs to me that I haven’t posted a photo of our new chariot, ‘the beast 2’ so here it is! This one’s a little smaller and only seats five people!!

We left our fabulous B&B and the lovely people we met there and are now ensconced in Mount Shasta.  The weather’s a bit of a shock, at the moment it’s cooler and cloudy.  We had some rain on the way here but only a cupful.  We have come to the conclusion that we have probably seen the last of the very hot weather and plan on getting our jeans out tomorrow.  Hey ho!

Lake Shasta

Lake Shastina

Northern California seems to be the home of fruit growing.  We passed through miles and miles of fruit trees, nut trees and acres and acres of sunflowers.  Then it turned mountainous and very green with lots of fir trees. I was taking photos as we travelled but this is about the best one, a view of Lake Shastina (not bad for being taken through the car window).

Tomorrow we explore the Mount Shasta area.

PS: For those taking an interest in Si’s eating habits, tonight he had a beef short rib ……….. he said it was fabulous.  I should have taken a picture of the look of pleasure on his face!!!!

6 thoughts on “Day 40! Yosemite to Mount Shasta, Northern California

  1. Mmmm…short ribs are fabulous! Glad he had a good one 🙂 I think your car photos are fantastic Sandra! Your new car is ok…still a shame about the other one. This was what you originally were supposed to get? Enjoy Mount Shasta today!! xx

    • Thanks Nat. Perhaps I should take up car ‘at speed’ photography. Yes, the new car is the size we actually ordered so I suppose we can’t really complain …… but of course, we will!! Sadly, it’s raining at the moment so it’s out with the wet weather gear today. I think we should head back to Vegas and the hot sun!! xx

  2. The car looks okay nice picture from car window of Shasta lake glad Si’s back on form with the beef short rib

  3. The “Beast 2” looks like it can handle any type roads so you should be good! Lake Shastina looks beautiful! I didn’t see much activity. Are there homes on the lake? I can just picture the smile on Si’s face as he is enjoying his short ribs! You’re getting closer to Forks. I bet we’ll hear you squealing all the way over here on the East Coast!

    • We didn’t see any homes Dot but we were travelling at speed so there may have been some but we just missed them. Yes, getting excited for Forks. We heard from Mel yesterday, she’s excited too. Can’t believe that on Sunday we will actually be in the home off all things TWILIGHT!!

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