Day 41! Mount Shasta

Well today was a bummer on one front but good on two others!!

We awoke this morning to rain and a temperature of 46 degrees F. So it was on with the jeans and wet coats.  We came to see Mount Shasta but alas as of yet we haven’t been able to see it because most of it is covered in mist.  Fingers crossed we get to see it before we leave tomorrow.

The new Licence Plate Game

The new Licence Plate Game

The two good things were, one: we have a new LPG (License Plate Game).  Hooray! Who would have thought that in a small town like this that we would walk into a book store and they would have one. As we are halfway into our holiday, we think we will start over with the game and see how we get on from now until we get back to New York and see if we can do as well as we did with the first one.  I think I’ll put this one on a chain around my neck to make sure we don’t lose it!!

The second good thing was ………….. I managed to find a lovely hairdresser, Mary from Studio B. here in the town to colour my hair. She did a really good job and I look decent again.

McCloud Lower Falls

McCloud Lower Falls

McCloud Middle Falls

McCloud Middle Falls

Us at McCloud Middle Falls

Us at McCloud Middle Falls

The photographer's 'all-weather assistant'

The photographer’s ‘all-weather assistant’

As our plans had to be changed due to the weather, we decided to do a small hike to see the beautiful McCloud lower and middle falls.  The area was once inhabited by Wintu Native Americans and they named the Lower Falls ‘Nurum-wit-ti-dekki’ meaning Falls Where The Salmon Turn Back.

Archaeological excavations in 1986 at Fowlers Campground by the Falls, revealed that the Native Americans came on a seasonal basis about one thousand years ago. They used the camp as a base for hunting, processing food and fishing.

You will notice that the photographer has his ‘all-weather photographic assistant’ with him today, carrying the tripod.  For the fashionistas among you, you may like to know what the modern ‘all-weather photographic assistant’ is wearing this season and who dresses her!! Well, our model today is wearing The Jeggings and a Limited Collection grey sweater from the world-famous Marks and Spencer store at The Meadows, Camberley, her wet jacket is courtesy of a stall at The New Forest Show in Hampshire (August 2011), her hiking shoes are from the Bass store at the Waterloo Premium Outlets in New York (thank you Dot for the introduction) and her leather backpack comes courtesy of a store (name unknown) in Guildford, Surrey.

Especially for you Nat, today we actually used the camera remote and it worked first time so there was no need for swearing, cursing or foot stamping by the photographer!!

Si has become obsessed with bears during this holiday and he’s expecting to meet one around every corner!! There was a small spat between us in the middle of the forest while visiting the Falls today as we both felt the need to carry the tripod so that we had a weapon to defend ourselves should that bear appear. As I am more agile and can run faster than my husband I decided to let him carry it most of the way!!

Tomorrow we leave Mount Shasta for Crater Lake National Park in Oregon.  See you there!!

7 thoughts on “Day 41! Mount Shasta

  1. Wet weather! Nothing is stopping you guys. Love the notes about home shopping (M&S are back in France but yet to visit the shopping mall in Paris). Know all about the hairdresser problem so well done for your success Sand. Watch out for the bears………hope you see one soon Simon. Really enjoying your blog every morning. Good luck with LPG mark 2.

    • Hi Jan, no ‘nothing’s gonna stop us now’. We’ve already started with LPG2 and have three plates turned over. I think Si will be disappointed if he doesn’t see any bears. Pleased you are enjoying the blog.

  2. Home from home then – wet rainy – except the sun has decided to show itself here – must be that Wimbledon threat.. I can see you having to take up trekking of some kind when you get back or there will be withdrawal symptoms….

    • Hi Carol, you could say that, it’s raining again today!! That’s good that the sun has come out for Wimbledon, we saw the results from yesterday. I agree, trekking is definitely going to be ‘our thing’ from now on. Just as long as it’s on the flat though!!

  3. Yay! I’m so happy you found a new LPG!! It was meant to be, looks identical! Love that the remote isnt giving any troubles anymore 🙂 Too bad about the rainy weather, such a change as you travel north! Thankfully you came fully prepared!! xx

  4. Ahhh, you replaced LPG,t. Like Nat said, it was meant to be. I didn’t think you’d let a little rain hamper you and Si in any way! Your bodies must be in shock at the temperature change though! You are welcome Sandra. On your return visit, we can always hit up Waterloo again! I’m always up for shopping. Hey Si, just a little tip…if you do meet any bears, knowing that your assistant runs faster than you, make sure you are running downhill. Bears don’t do well running downhill.

    • Yes, we’ve started on LPG2 already. Being British Dot, there was no way a little rain was going to stop us from ‘getting out there’. LOL. Si’s decided he will need to buy another jumper or sweatshirt as he only brought one jumper with him and people may notice he’s wearing the same one day after day. I think we may need to return to Wilson’s Leather to get another suitcase just to spread the weight around. LOL. I’ll pass that info onto him about the bears.

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