Days 1-3! Las Vegas to Salt Lake City

Hi Everyone, we are back!

Our trip will last four weeks from 18th May to 16th June.

Days 1 and 2 (18th and 19th June):

We, well I, didn’t have a very good start to our new adventure, after enjoying a very nice breakfast before our flight at Gatwick Airport, I had the misfortune to lose my footing in the restaurant, landed very heavily on my derriere and in the process managed to hurt my hand. One of my fingers is now a lovely shade of blue! My hand’s a little sore and painful but I’ll survive. I thank you in advance for your encouragement and support!

So, our first ‘port of call on this trip was Las Vegas. It was 95 degrees when we arrived so lovely and warm and we’ve tried a new hotel too, the Vdara, it’s a non-smoking, non-casino hotel and we were on the 51st floor.  Well, to say the view was magnificent is an understatement. Hopefully, Simon’s photo will show you just how good it was.

Vegas Panorama2

On our first gambling outing, Simon managed to win $800 (£500) on a Super Monopoly machine, so all in all, a good start. We will return here in three week’s time to complete our holiday. Let’s hope our winning streak continues then.

Day 3 (20th May):

We left Las Vegas this morning and at just the right time as the weather had cooled to 75 degrees and went to collect our hire car.  Those who followed us last year will remember that we didn’t have a very good time with our car hire!! Well, to cut a long story short, when we arrived at the car hire facility in Las Vegas we informed the agent that we didn’t want a repeat of last year’s fiasco and are now very pleased to report that Fred, the agent, went out of his way to ensure that we received the very best treatment and that we were given the best vehicle available to make up for their shortcomings last year and we are now driving a rather luxurious vehicle, a GMC Acadia. For those who are geeky about cars, just click on the link! Our Acadia is a black one.

En-route to Yellowstone National Park we’ve stopped over in Salt Lake City. This is our first visit here and the weather’s a little cooler than Las Vegas but first impressions are very favourable. Tomorrow we will be ‘doing the sights’.




4 thoughts on “Days 1-3! Las Vegas to Salt Lake City

  1. Good to see Simon’s recovered his great Camera Club mojo when it comes to winning things! By the sounds of it you should be able to pay for your holiday on the proceeds of the no win no fee solicitors you will be contacting. Now if only you had a decent photographer with you able to take some decent pics of the injuries. Oh you haven’t! Never mind enjoy it all the same. Sounds like it’s going to be another wonderful trip. Enjoy!

    • Well, ‘hello’ Mr Smith! Thanks. Good to see that someone is reading the blog! He’s taken some excellent photos today, all ready for next season’s competitions. You don’t know what’s going to hit you!

  2. Well although you had a rocky start, the big win at the slots made it all worth it! At least Si’s been lucky! The view from your hotel is amazing! I will have to remember that hotel when we go…who knows when! Thank you for keeping us posted…i’ll be sad to miss you while you’re in Yellowstone!! I’m so happy for you both and can’t wait to read the blog throughout your journey!!

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