Day 4! Salt Lake City

Well, we have to say that Salt Lake City has taken us by surprise. We’ve enjoyed our visit here a lot. It’s a lovely city, well laid out and very clean.

SailtairaWe started the day by visiting the Saltair. First built in 1893, it is now a concert venue situated right on the edge of the Great Salt Lake. It sits all alone with nothing surrounding it. In its heyday, at the turn of the century, trainloads of pleasure seekers arrived regularly at Saltair to sit or lie down, relax and float in the waters just like a cork because it was impossible to sink as it was so buoyant due to the high levels of salt in the water. Even now, thousands of people flock to the Lake to enjoy the experience. No swimming skills are necessary to enjoy the Lake, you just float.

Salt Lake 3aSalt Lake 2a

Bison on the Lake

Bison on the Lake

The Lake has been created due to the influx of water from three different rivers.  With no exit point it means the water just evaporates leaving salt behind. The ratio of salt in the sea is three percent whereas in the Great Salt Lake it is thirty percent.

We then visited Antelope Island State Park, the largest island in Great Salt Lake. The Lake is a remnant of pre-historic Lake Bonneville, which covered more than 20,000 square miles during the Ice Age. The Lake is currently 75 miles long by 28 miles wide, covering 1,700 square miles and the maximum depth is about 33 feet. The Park is home to bison, bighorn sheep, mule deer and pronghorn antelope and were lucky to come across a

New Born Twins!

New Born Twins!

pronghorn antelope who had just given birth to two babies!

Artifacts reveal prehistoric people inhabited the island more than 6,000 years ago with John C. Fremont and Kit Carson making the first known Anglo Exploration of the Island in 1845.

The first permanent resident was Fielding Garr in 1848 and the ranch house he built was continually inhabited until 1981 and the building still stands today. While we were there we tried our hand at wrangling and needless to say, Simon was the winner,

Si the wrangler

Si the wrangler

managing to get his lasso round one of the ‘cows’ horns! All I got for my failed attempts was a stint in the jail!



On our way to the Great Salt Lake this morning we found ourselves in Syracuse!! Well, how could this be, had we taken a wrong turn because we know that Syracuse is in the northern part of New York State? Well, you learn something every day and we now know that there are two towns called Syracuse in the U.S.

The Syracuse Fire Engine!

The Syracuse Fire Engine!

Note to my good friend Dot: make sure you take the right road or you could find yourself in Syracuse, Utah!!!!

Mormon TempleaNo visit to Salt Lake City would be complete without a visit to Temple Square, home of the Morman Church. The buildings are magnificent.

Tomorrow we travel to Yellowstone National Park and unfortunately, they don’t have the internet there so we will be out of contact with the rest of the human race until the 27th of May when we will, once again, regale you of all the great things we will have seen and the wonderful pictures Simon will have taken! Well he hopes!

As we are visiting Yellowstone earlier than last year, we are hoping for lots of different photos. It will be much colder and there may even be a touch of snow!!

See you next week!!

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  1. What a lovely surprise I got this morning checking my email and got this from Day 4 in Utah. Didn’t get Days 1- 3 though!! Look forward to following you US travels again. Meant to text to wish you Bon voyage but away last w/e up north with my family ( Dads ashes service). Love the photo’s as always Simon and your Sandra I like to read your summary of the places visited. Did you float in the Lake? You would have to keep u
    Your mouth tight shut as the salt taste would be horrendous!! We are off to Port Isaac for a week on Sat, weather beautiful at the moment so hope it keeps up. Enjoy Yellowstone Park and look forward to your update later in the week x Ann

    • Hi Ann, thanks. Did you eventually get Days 1-3? No, we didn’t float in the lake, it didn’t look very inviting. Hope you are having a great time in Port Isaac. x

  2. Hi S and S. Not you 2 again away on more holidays. Life is just one long holiday I recon. Glad you’re having a great time, your photographs are always superb and the commentary is such an easy read. Take care and enjoy the rest of your stay. Bill.

  3. Hi San and Si

    on your travels again! The pictures capture beautiful scenery. How long are you away for this time? I look forward to hearing about your road trip as you prepress with your travels. I’m off sick at present after a hand operation so I’ll be looking out for your updates.

    Take care

    Rose xxx

    Sent from my iPad Rosie


    • Hi Rose, thanks, we are here for four weeks this time. Oh dear, sorry to hear about your hand. You take it easy. xx

  4. Looks like the start of another great trip. Sending this email via my phone from Switzerland. What an amazing age we have grown up in! Travel safe and keep in touch. Malcolm

    • Hi Malcolm, I’m just catching up with comments. You poseur!! I hope you had a great time in Switzerland.

  5. Glad to see all is well after your rocky start! Guess the ankle is OK and not hindering you. Enjoy the next stage of your adventure. All good here. Carol & Al x

  6. Excited to see your blog in my email box this morning – looking forward to following you both on your adventures. Jane and Alistair x

    • Hi Jane, thanks. I’m just catching up with comments as we were out of touch in Yellowstone. Being on holiday is very hard work!! x

  7. LOL!!! I love your photos! They always tell a story without even reading your blog! ha ha I’m glad YOu are both doing well and moving on through on your adventure! Can’t wait for the next post 🙂 Have fun and be safe!! xx

  8. For goodness sake Simon, put a hat on man. Good to see the blog has been resurrected. Remember, fewer pictures of Simon’s legs (for the sake of humanity) and more pictures of the grub/booze eh? Have fun and think of us folks in the rain, working to fund your pensions…!

    • Hi Steve, thanks. Yes, I told Simon that exact thing, ‘get a hat on’ but will he listen to me, no!! Will get working on the photos of grub/booze! Thank you for your contribution to our holiday fund, they are greatly appreciated.

  9. Hi, It was great to hear from you both and glad that you are enjoying yourselves on your new adventures.. We love the photographs and write up. Look forward to the next instalment.
    Love Pam & Trev xx

  10. Hey Mr. and Mrs. Barrett! At least your sat-nav was on the right road in the right state!! Awww, Si you also capture the right photos…I love the Momma deer and her newborn. They look a bit scrawny, though! And your blog started with Day 4 for me too…don’t know what happened to days 1-3!

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