Day 18! Lake Pleasant, NH to Elmira, NY

So, the long awaited day has arrived …………

We had a long drive, leaving New Hampshire and travelling through Vermont into New York state. We passed Lebanon Airport and Windsor, birthplace of Vermont in 1777 and in Wilmington we saw Dot’s Restaurant! I think our Dot must be moonlighting, I’ll have a word with her about that!

Dot's Restaurant!! Wow!

Dot’s Restaurant!! Wow!

Vermont has no major roads that we saw and so it took us longer than expected to drive through it. We expected our drive to Elmira would take six hours but after a couple of stops and then a major accident, it took seven. At least the drive was lovely and sunny.

Vermont is lovely and seems to be mainly made up of trees so there wasn’t really much to photograph as we travelled along, but we did see this rather oversized chair!!

The Big Chair

The Big Chair

We are now together with two of our best buddies Dot and Nat (JB will be here on Sunday) and spent a lovely afternoon and evening catching up, laughing and enjoying a lovely meal together and an evening stroll.

Three Besties!

Three Besties! Me, Dot and Nat

2 Girls and a Boy!

2 Girls and a Boy (Si)!

Dot, Nat and Si at Aldridge Park

 Nat, Dot and Si at Eldridge Park

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  1. Looks like your having a good time. Always good to meet old chums again. Last day of Wimbledon tomorrow and been the best weather I can remember for ages. Topical one if you have been keeping up with European news “The EU have just announced that in future all Euros will be printed on Greece proof paper.” Boom, boom!

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