Day 2 – Las Vegas

Well, we’ve had a hot day today! It’s currently 95 degrees at 8.00 pm!

Our day started with our leisurely breakfast. They’ve revamped what used to be called Cafe Bellagio and changed it’s name to Sadelle’s. I was trying to think of how to describe it now and Si’s come up with “more sophisticated”. Si’s first holiday breakfast was quite restrained, he usually starts large but today he just had an omelette with smoked salmon, I just had the yoghurt parfait.

Si’s first holiday breakfast!

It’s right next to the famous Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. where they are currently celebrating a Japanese spring.

Japanese Spring

Si took some video too!

After breakfast we joined the ‘beautiful’ people (I’m not including us in that description!) at the pool but limited our time as its been a while since our lily-white skin has been exposed to really hot sun! 🌞This is just one of the, I think, five pools and it’s Olympic size.

We wondered down to the MGM Grand Hotel to check out where to buy tickets for The Hunger Games Exhibition (more about that later in the week) and managed to win a few bucks on a Monopoly machine. Mr Monopoly has always been very kind to us in the past.

On the way back we saw a very interesting sight ………… two young ladies advertising a night club, dressed, shall we say, very skimperly! It was a real eye waterer and something we’ve never seen in the 30 years we’ve been visiting. Unfortunately, we will not be posting any pics as this is a family-friendly blog!!!! Just use your imagination!!  😱

My early 3.30 start this morning caught up with me this afternoon and I had to retire for a nap. I now have my ‘second wind’ and we are off for a bite and a gamble.

More tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Day 2 – Las Vegas

  1. What impresses me, is that it looks very uncrowded, has Trump banned all the South Koreans, with selfie sticks? And I never knew you could post video! Ah! Well taxi will be here shortly. Soon time for our first post at Heathrow.

    • That’s because it’s a weekday, it will be busier on the weekend! Yes, add video just as you do a photo. The only problem I had was trying to downsize it, it didn’t work as it was supposed to so I need to investigate that. Safe travels. x

  2. Oh my goodness! What beautiful gardens. I bet the photos don’t do the real thing justice. Of course, I love the colorful fishies! As usual, living vicariously through you both…I wonder why the early jump on advertising for the evening adventures? Keep those photos (not the nudies) coming, please! -:)

  3. Ha! even Si’s tame breakfast looked huge! wow! The Bellagio is so amazing. I love all you’re adventures. Did you check out the said advertised night club?? lol 🙂

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