Day 3 – Las Vegas

Hope you’ve got an hour or two to spare, today’s post goes on a bit!😱

It’s been very hot again, 92 degrees this morning at 8.30 a.m. with lots of sun, sun, sun.🌞

After enjoying another lovely breakfast at Sadelle’s

we spent a couple of hours round the pool. We found an excellent spot right next to the pool and with no smokers! Yesterday we managed to be sandwiched between three lots of ‘puffers’. It always comes as a bit of a surprise to us when we see people smoking these days. Of course, here, people can smoke in the casinos and round the pool. There are special ‘no smoking’ areas but they are smaller than the ‘smoking’ areas.

One entrance to the Bellagio pool area















Si having a dip!









Me trying to look cool in very hot conditions!

We were saying yesterday that another thing we tend to forget until we get here is just how much walking there is to be done. If you wanted to walk from one end of The Strip to the other you would be walking 4.2 miles! Still, it helps to keep us fit by walking off all the food we are eating and cocktails we are drinking!

This afternoon we’ve been doing one of my favourite pastimes …………… shopping!! Well, it has to be done!. We walked over to the Forum Shops attached to Caesars Palace Hotel. It is a major 677,138-square-foot shopping mall. Measured in terms of sales per square foot, it is the highest grossing mall in the United States! It has great shops. I could probably spend all day there!

On our way to the shops!


Adding Las Vegas charms to my bracelet!

I spent some time in the Pandora store buying Las Vegas charms for the travel section of my bracelet!

We then came across one shop where a young lady handed us body butter made from green tea. Before we knew it we were in the shop and I was being given a sample collagen treatment being assured that in a very short space of time I would look 10 years younger and where the key ingredient is black Caviar! According to the young man carrying out the procedure, it was a ‘Premium Non-Surgical Instant Wrinkle Eraser’. It’s to be used once a week together with a special moisturiser. Si was amazed at how it worked in such a short space of time! 😱The next time any of you see me, please tell me how young I’m looking because I ended up buying this ‘incredible’ product. 👧 It seems to be a big deal in the beauty world! I’m not going to tell you how much it cost but we did get an excellent deal with the moisturiser and face wash thrown in for free! I know what you’re all thinking ………….. suckers! 😂Time will tell!

Do I look any younger?

I’m going to break away for a while as we are having dinner at one of the new restaurants here at Bellagio called Largo by James Beard Award Winning Chef Julian Serrano who we are told “sets the evening in motion with his stunning interpretations of Italian, each packed with distinct and unmatched flavours.” Tour the bolder side of Italy with innovative small plates. All sounds rather interesting ……………. I shall report back later.

Hi-de-hi, we are back! Well, food excellent, seating excellent, we were right next to the Bellagio Fountains so magnificent all round …………….. except maybe the price for all that excellence!!

Small plates it was …………. you could call this Italian tapas. For a party of two they recommended having four plates to share but more could be added if required. We shared the two slices of Bruschetta Al Pomodoro, small Margherita pizza, two pieces of Cannelloni with pulled short ribs, Linguine Pesto, one Limoncello, two glasses of Merlot, one G&T, two coffees with liqueurs and a bottle of Pellegrino …….. grand total with tip ……….. $230 (approx £184). Well, “hello” Las Vegas! Would we pay that back home for the same meal, probably not, but will we pay it in Vegas …… yes! Expensive, but it was fabulous and I think we will visit again. For all those who like to see photos of the food here they come, apart from the one of the Bruschetta, that wasn’t fit to be published!

The pizza!

The Canelloni

The Linguine




The Merlot

The Limincello

Si’s coffee and liqueur




















For those not particularly interested in culture it’s probably best to look away now ………………… we saw the fountains play at least four times and one of the tunes was a heartstrings-tugging version of Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Op. 43. (theme tune to the film Somewhere in Time (1980) …………… fetch me a hankie please! 😢 If you have never seen the film then please, right that wrong immediately!

There are many versions to be found but this is just one …

I’ve now managed to find the actual one from the film, it’s a shorter version … enjoy!
Sniff, sniff, sob, sob ……… if that didn’t stir your emotions then you must have a heart of stone!! 😢
After all the indulging we decided to finish off the evening with a little flutter and I’m pleased to report that luck was on our side as we played $20 and came away with $140! 😀
Fingers crossed for more luck and lots of sunshine tomorrow! 🤞


9 thoughts on “Day 3 – Las Vegas

  1. Wow, first off the food looked amazing…and speaking of amazing Sandra you look fantastic! Definitely 10 years younger, and that bathing suit looks divine on you! I bet Si was beating back all the men at the pool! At least you’ve been on the lucky side and been winning some $$ back along with the spending!

    also..I have not seen Somewhere in Time, but I will do so immediately!!!

  2. Fantastic day! Yes, that smoking thing is funny. Used to always catch us out in Switzerland because for a long time folk ignored it over there. Ah! The meal, what the hell; we pay almost that for “chicken in the basket” in Switzerland! Great pictures, guys. Cloudy and grey here but low 60’s. You wild mad gamblers you! But if it offsets the meal and cosmetic costs, then good on you.

  3. What a interesting start to your trip, is Si always a problem when on holiday ? The Bellagio looks amazing, never stayed there only walked by it and watched the fountains .
    The piano music was beautiful, my kind of classical 🤔. On my way home from afternoon tea in an hotel near Paddington Station, what a find, £40 for 3 of us including a glass of bubbly (large one)!! 🥂met up with an old friend from army days. Looking forward to seeing all your purchases on your return 👍

  4. Shopping! Sandra, that’s what holidays are for, Did you have to buy another suit case yet? 🙂 And Nat is absolutely correct, you look awesome in that bathing suit. I would have purchased the face products too. But you haven’t looked your age in the 9 or so years I’ve known you. The food looks delicious! I’d like a piece of that pizza please. That’s a shame you have to be exposed to smokers. I forget that not all of the states have that law. I also haven’t seen Somewhere In Time. I’ll have to look it up. But I liked the music and I noticed that “John Barry” was part of that piece.

    • Hey Dot, no haven’t had to buy another suitcase because we bought a third one out with us as hand luggage specifically for extra goodies!! Ah, thanks Dot, you too are my bestist of besties. 😘 Yes, John Barry did the film version.

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