Simon and Sandra’s Golden Wedding Anniversary Adventure Starting 1st July 2021?

This was supposed to be a very special year for both of us as we celebrated our Golden Wedding Anniversary (50 years!) on 6th March and we both turn 70. We had big plans for an extended trip to the US and Canada but those plans had to change due to the Pandemic.

As parts of Canada we were going to visit were not intending to open this year we decided to go ahead with the US portion of the holiday and do the Canadian part in 2022.

However, as both the US and Canada are currently closed to UK residents, it means we will not be jetting off on the 1st July after all and have shifted the whole holiday into 2022. Fingers crossed, starting on 25th May.

I guess we’ll enjoy it even more once we get to go!

Stay safe and see you all in 2022! 😀